Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This Week in E-Lo Land

Quote Of The Week
“I can’t wait until you’re not pregnant so we can wrestle.”

Oddest Find Of The Week:
Oatmeal raisin cookie crumbs in my cleavage.

The Thing I Feel Funniest Doing This Week:
Breaking open evening primrose oil capsules and using the oil to massage my… uh… area. It helps prevent tearing! I swear!

Food That I Most Want To Eat This Week:
Anything Mexican. But that’s every week. It’s usually that or ice cream.

Thing I Could Be Doing This Weekend But I’m NOT (And it PISSES ME OFF):
Going to see U2 with my husband. For our anniversary, even (which is one week from today). But nooooooo, I’m stuck at a wedding that I was SUPPOSED to be in. Thank the lord that I’m NOT in it, what with my pelvis troubles. It’s a Catholic wedding. That’s a lot of sitting and standing for anyone. It would surely bring on labor if I had to do it in a gigantic purple circus tent of a dress.

(Although Ryan claims if the baby is born on Saturday that it’s name will be “The Edge,” whether male or female.)

Hardest Thing To Accomplish This Week:
Putting my pants on. And forget about socks.

Things Making Me Laugh My Ass Off Yet Go, "Hmmm..." This Week

Suffocating Me With Cuteness This Week:

Things That I Need to Get Done This Week:
Put thank you cards in the mailbox. Put together the co-sleeper. Wash the baby’s clothes. Pack a diaper bag. Find a car seat. Install said car seat. Learn how to be a mom. Revel in my extreme feminine form. Listen to my inner child. Relax. And win the Powerball.

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