Monday, October 10, 2005

Autumn Leaves You Breathless

I was going to start this post by asking if people really get a day off for Columbus Day and then I realized, I’ve asked this question before. Even though I don’t work in retail anymore and my new job gives me 9 paid holidays during the year, Columbus Day isn’t one of them.

What a weekend it was. I survived, although barely. I was so exhausted yesterday I could barely move. My feet were killing me. We got home around 3, but it felt like 7. I was in bed by 8:30.

It was a strange weekend. I think though that it was more strange for my friends than it was for me. I knew that for me, it would have to be kind of lame, although I did hang out in a couple bars (fighting a giant crowd to get to the bathroom while 35 weeks pregnant is something I never want to contend with again). But the weather was crappy and it sucked the energy out of the whole entire weekend. I watched a lot of pretty bad weekend night television, like Law and Order. I can honestly say that I’ve never watched an episode of Law and Order in my entire life until this weekend. Although I did discover a wonderful show on Saturday night, My Name is Earl. That’s a gem. I’m a fan. It’s usually on Tuesday nights at 9 on NBC, so if you get a chance, you should watch. It is hilarious.

But the weekend wasn’t all about fighting crowds in bars and watching television. It was about getting together with my friends and having fun. Fun, unfortunately, was hard to come by without having late night bar adventures (the trips to the bar were morning/afternoon). But I felt like I was in good company all weekend. I was surrounded by good people and puppies and that’s what was important. And I’m excited to bring Fuzzball to ALF next year, because I’ll have more energy pushing a stroller than I did lugging him/her around in my body. Me and walking are not getting along well right now.

Being around 4 little puppies all weekend was like boot camp for moms to be. I think every 9 month pregnant woman should have to do the puppy basic training challenge. My parents left the puppies in their cage in the living room of the camp at night, and unfortunately for me, I was sleeping closest to them. They cried. They pooped. They peed. I was up several times a night with them. I got up every morning between 7 and 7:30 and let them out of the cage. They would all attack me with puppy love and foot chewing and then proceed to pee and poop everywhere. Only 1 of them is truly paper trained, so while we try and get the other 3 paper trained we have to pick them up mid pee or poop and put them on the paper, which often leaves a mess to clean up. But many of my zen moments over the weekend was having the puppies greet me in the morning when I let them out.

My other zen moment which I could relive again and again was cuddling up by the fire outside on Saturday night. It was cold, probably in the lower 40’s, but I was all bundled up and the fire was hot. I was so comfortable and relaxed.

It’s weird how it suddenly became fall last week. There was no transition period. Thursday it was summer. Overnight it became fall. I love fall.

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