Thursday, October 20, 2005

People, people piss me off… (piss me off!)

So, my mom, much to my dismay, is working on selling the remaining 2 Yorkie pups. She’s keeping Peanut, the little batty looking one in the picture, but we still have a male and a female, who we call Ziggy and Ivy. They are both super cute and fun and playful and I love them. I could eat them and their little puppy feet and noses.

So a couple days ago my mom gets a call from a lady whose son is looking to get a Yorkie. He goes to Penn State, so she wants to come check out the pups. Of course my mom is thrilled, because she’s starting to worry that nobody will ever spend 900 bucks on our dogs. I like Yorkies, but shit, I don’t have 900 bucks to spend on a dog. I probably never will.

So the lady comes over and plays with the dogs for about an hour. She’s interested in Ivy, the female (her picture is in the post from Monday). Seems like they hit it off. The only thing she’s concerned about is that like Rosie, Ivy is going to be a blonde Yorkie. Some Yorkies are blonde, some stay black. Rosie is pretty much all blonde and Ivy already has blonde roots in her black puppy hair.

So the lady calls my dad yesterday and says, “I don’t think we’re going to take her. My son wasn’t even concerned that she’s blonde, we just didn’t think she was very affectionate.” My dad was dumbstruck. Rosie has to be one of the most affectionate dogs ever, and her puppies are pretty damn lovable too. The other day when I went over there the three of them almost peed all over me because they were so excited to see me. I literally got smothered with puppy kisses. And out of all of them, Ivy is probably the most intelligent. Sure, she’s more independent than the others, she likes to play and explore, but she’s just as lovable as the other two.

Is it not incredibly rude to tell a stranger, after they welcomed you into their house for an hour to play with their dogs, that their puppy is less than perfect? All she would have had to say was “we decided not to take her,” and that would have been sufficient. What a fucking bitch.

Maybe I’m overreacting because of my hormones, but my mom was pretty upset. She actually said to me, “well, I NEVER.”

Yeah, me neither, Mom.

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