Monday, March 24, 2008

The "Is It Spring Yet?" Playlist

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day?

IMG_0493.JPG, originally uploaded by Elosquirrel.

From my cranky kid, who is at least a quarter Irish. Well, maybe 1/8 if you count all the stuff that makes up her mom. Who isn't Irish at all, really. The Irish comes from her dad. I'm like German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, your average American mutt.

Anyway, may the luck of the Irish be with you today. Don't drink green beer, your poop will be an ungodly color.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

How to be emo... not to be confused with E-Lo

This is probably one of the funnier things I've read in a few days... this is also how I know I'm getting old, because I can only think "kids these days..."

Umm... but I'm also kind of leaning towards getting my hair cut with many choppy layers and highlights with some bright red bangs. Bonus - my bangs are already long enough to cover one eye! Is that wrong when I'm almost 31?

Kids try too hard now to have an image. There was no instruction manual when I was in high school on how to be punk rock. After this one, I read "how to dress like an emo girl" and it said "Get a hair style that is dyed black or some other dark color. Blonde is good too, just be sure to dress like all the other emos, so everyone can see that you too are non conformist."

Ummmmmm??? Wha??? How??? Do you even???

I can only hope that Lyric wants to be herself when she gets older. If she wants to pierce her face and have pink hair, cool - as long as she's staying true to herself and not doing it because some freaking wikihow article said do it or you're not cool.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. Now back to your regularly scheduled E-Lo (I have to go listen to Hawthorne Heights... My Chemical Romance is NOT emo).

Monday, March 10, 2008

We could have renamed him "Shithead"

Now that I have a dog, I’ve been spending a lot of time walking him. So far, in my never-ending quest to lose weight, I’ve dropped somewhere around 3 pounds. I think I may have gained a few back since this weekend. Lyric and I made brownies on Saturday.

I’ve found that I like to run with Red for a few hundred feet at a time, at least until my lungs and legs give out and I feel like I’m ready to die. The good thing about Red is that he’s older, a little older than me in dog years, pushing mid-life anyway, and out of shape, like his favorite female human (me). He tires out easily and will stop and pant a bit as I try to regain my ability to exercise my lungs to their fullest capacity.

Friday night we went out in the midst of yet another winter storm – the snow had turned to rain and there was a fine layer of slush on the ground. I don’t have proper running shoes – or walking shoes for that matter, so I had my 11 dollar Walmart snow boots on. After 10 minutes in the rain, I found that I’ve already got my 11 dollars worth out of them, because the water started to seep in, soaking my socks. We like to walk the baseball field above my house, and I’m taking advantage of the time we have now, because in a few weeks that field is going to start getting really busy, and I’m going to have to start walking a different route. And get some decent shoes. So when it’s dark, we run, because I don’t feel so retarded running in the dark, where nobody else can see me.

We had just made one lap around, which was enough for me and my wet feet, when suddenly Red saw something that made him spring forward, pulling me with all his might –which is a lot for a dog of his size. I wasn’t ready for him, and the ground was slippery under my feet, and I felt myself being dragged forward towards the trees that border our neighbor’s house. I was headed straight for one tree in particular, and staring at it was like staring a large bruise in the middle of my forehead right in the face. I knew I had my options – hit the tree, throw myself on the ground, or let go of the leash. I chose the latter, and that was by far the best choice, because I only had to stand there looking like an idiot who can’t properly walk a dog for like, 10 minutes, all the while yelling Red’s name in my neighbors backyard.

Finally, I gave up, and walked my wet feet down the icy slope of my neighbor’s yard, and ended up sliding down and into the side of their car. AWESOME.

I made it to the concrete and there he was, standing in front of the house, tail wagging, trotting up to greet me with a look that said, “where have you been?”

He’s so impossible to stay mad at.

Oh, and the pooping/peeing in the house? Done. I don't know how we broke him, but he just stopped doing it. Yay Red!

And an update on Daisy - she was adopted over the weekend! Yay Daisy! Lyric still asks about her... the girl has the memory of an elephant.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


I did something yesterday that was a kind of a turning point in my politics... well, not really, since I've always leaned to the left a bit. I've been registered as "no affiliation" on my voting card since I first registered to vote years ago. Yesterday I became a Democrat. It was a turning point only because I officially made a decision, a decision that might not seem that crazy to some, considering I've voted straight Democrat in every election that I've voted in.

I feel like such an adult.

The primary in PA is April 22, and it seems like a long time to wait during this long, grueling race for a Democratic candidate. I plan to vote for Obama - I think this country needs something completely different, and 8 years of Bush, 8 years of Clinton, and another 8 years of another Bush followed by another Clinton isn't something that I want to see. Not that I didn't like Bill Clinton as president, but I don't think Hillary has the charisma that Bill has. Does that make sense? Of course I won't feel it's the end of the world if Hillary makes it, but I don't think she'll gain much ground against John McCain. That's just my opinion.

Anyway, I finally made a decision and chose a side... now I just have to wait and see.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Well, March came in like a lion - dumping a fresh coat of roughly 5 inches of snow on us Friday night into Saturday. I ended up with Lyric's stomach virus on Thursday and left work early, I was barely able to drive the 26 miles to my house. It was fun, especially the dizzy spells that I got any time I stood up for too long. Thankfully my mom kept Lyric over night - there would have been no way I could have ran after her, and Ryan was sick too.

I was feeling more like myself Saturday and broke out the new rug scrubber that I bought after having Daisy poop in the guest room 107 times and pee in the corner of the living room 246 times. I scrubbed the office and the guest room Saturday, and then did the living room yesterday. It's amazing how much better about life having clean carpets makes me feel. Especially after seeing how disgusting the living room rug looked with no furniture in the room. Having animals and children makes things really dirty. I mean, really. The amount of hair that came out of the scrubber was ridiculous. Red sheds quite a bit, but we've only had him for what, a week? At any rate, my house is much cleaner, and I feel good about that. With any luck, this weekend the new ceiling fan will get installed in the kitchen and it will be a little brighter in there.

The spring cleaning festivities have carried over to my blog, as you can see with the new layout. I was so sick of pink that I was barfing cotton candy.

So - after the snow dumping Friday night, today is going to be 60 degrees! I think Mother Nature needs a Cymbalta.