Friday, May 25, 2007

The new 10

That's what 30 is.

And I'll be there... on Sunday.

Happy Birthday to me.

Monday, May 21, 2007

A New Home...

I’ve said before, and I’ll say again – I’ve always wanted a dog. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had dogs growing up. Moving out on my own, getting to a place in my life where I could have a dog was a goal of mine. I wanted dogs before I had kids. But it didn’t happen that way.

When we got Rocky, I was excited to finally have reached that goal, but I found it increasingly hard to make an emotional connection to that dog. He could be sweet, but he mostly terrorized my house, chewing up Lyric’s toys, eating packs of cigarettes, breaking bar glasses with his giant tail, and jumping up on countertops. Not to mention stealing food right out of Lyric’s hands and plowing her over numerous times. It was very disheartening. And the fact is, that with my two jobs and my baby, I barely have time for myself, much less an animal that obviously needs a ton of attention. I had every intention of trying to take him to obedience classes, but it never happened.

Ryan wanted to get rid of the dog from day one, but I was insistent on making it work. Finally, after 5 months of him begging and pleading with me to find him a new home, I agreed. It wasn’t fair to Rocky that we didn’t have time for him.

After searching for a few weeks for our options on a new home for him, we were starting to feel a little discouraged. We didn’t want to take him to a shelter – we wanted him to be happy wherever he went. Ryan came up with the brilliant idea of calling one of his ex-coworkers, Barb, who had mentioned before that she was interested in getting a dog.

So he called her. And she said yes.

We were thrilled. Not only because we had a place for Rocky to go, but because we knew it would be a good place. So we packed him up yesterday and made the drive up north, to Barb’s house, where she and her little boy were patiently waiting on Rocky. As soon as we pulled in, her son exclaimed, “my new puppy is here!” And I felt relief flooding me, knowing that someone actually wanted him.

After hanging out for a while, showing them what Rocky likes (throwing the tennis ball, scratching his butt, chewing on giant bones) – Barb reassured us that Rocky would be well cared for, get fat and lazy and spoiled, and get tons of attention. I just hope he doesn’t disapoint them. Because as mean as it sounds, he disapointed me. After years of wanting a dog of my own, now I question whether I’ll ever have another. And that’s sad, because I really do love dogs.

Maybe someday I’ll find that pup that sweeps me off my feet. Not literally, like Rocky did to Lyric. For now, I’ll be happy with our fish. Whose name, ironically enough, is “Fish.”

Fish is good.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Lame times at E-Lo High

Some of you may remember about a year ago when I was unemployed and my brother was in a car accident – my “friend” offered me an interview with her employer. They hired me, and I rejected the job because the pay sucked and there were no benefits. After that, my “friend” – who was at one time someone I called my “best friend” quit talking to me. She never called me to see if my brother was alive, never wished my baby a happy first birthday, nothing. Nada. Whatever. No skin off my back, because personally, I had felt our friendship faltering for some time. We had become incredibly different people – actually she stayed the same and I kind of evolved into someone more mature and responsible, what with motherhood and all forcing me to do so.

I hadn’t seen her since, that is, until this past weekend. I saw her in passing at the same bar on Saturday, and I honestly felt like it was a scene out of the lamest of the lame high school movies. She went out of her way – without actually making any contact with me whatsoever – to show me that she had other friends, that she was having fun, and it was all very rude and obnoxious and immature. It reminded me of how she used to get jealous when we’d go out together and guys would hit on me. She’d come up to me and act like she was my girlfriend to try to convince whoever that we were lesbians. I hated that then, and I have absolutely no time for it now.

My life, while not perfect, has gotten considerably better in the past year. I have two jobs that are rewarding in many ways, friends, both old and new, that I love, a daughter that fills my life with extreme joy, and a husband who is my foundation. I have a home, a wonderful and supportive family – and I don’t have to act like my life is all peaches and cream all the time. Because for the most part, I’m happy.

Whether she really is or not, I probably will never know.

I’ve got to admit, I’ve thought about her in the past year, many times with a small amount of sad regret because of the friendship that we once had. At the same time, I’m glad to have moved beyond that point in my life. I guess almost everyone has had toxic friendships in their past – people that you don’t really like who you become when you’re around them. And I have to admit, I never really liked who I was around her. I just never really knew it.

Que sera sera.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The joys of raising a girl...

I’m ashamed. In my last post – the ones with all of Lyric’s words – I forgot the most important word.

The thing that she’s most obsessed about.

She’s a girly girl.


She’ll wake me in the middle of the night, calling for her shoes.

“SHOES! Shoooooooooes! Shoes! SHOES!!!!”

She loves shoes.

Probably more than any one and half year old.

We took her to the shoe store a few weekends ago because Ryan needed new shoes. It was like taking her to the circus, or McDonald’s playland. She was non-stop: “SHOES!!!” It was like she couldn’t believe that the world could contain so many shoes. In so many styles. And so many colors! Shoes! Everywhere you look! Big ones, little ones! Baby flip flops! Baby sneakers! Big girl shoes! Big boy shoes! Daddy’s shoes! Mommy’s shoes! SHOES!

It was exhausting to watch her tear through them. Because I just sat back and let her go. Those shoes were hers for the taking. Until we left – and she cried.

And I thought that I liked shoes. Yeah, it just doesn’t compare.

On a postive note, we'll have lots of fun shopping trips in the future.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


More photos like this can be found on my Flickr...

My kid can TALK. I think she learns a new word daily at this point.

Here's the list of words that I can think of off the top of my head that she can say:

Thank You
Boob (this one explains a lot... remember my tagline, "weaning is not an option?" Yeah, that's true.)

There's a lot more, but sometimes she makes my head feel like it's going to explode with the immensity of her knowledge. She's a smart cookie.

And cute.

But I'm biased.