Friday, January 25, 2008


My dad went home yesterday. He's on about 7 prescriptions - which is a lot considering the only thing he took before going into the hospital were vitamins. Not bad for a 72 year old man... up to this point. But after a couple weeks of hospital visits, I'm glad that he's home. Probably not as glad as he is.

So... on another note - I've been volunteering at the Butler County Humane Society. I actually just designed their newsletter and I'm working on updating a few brochures for them. Not to mention the animals. Yesterday I took this sweet girl Lexi, a Lab/Boxer mix, out for a walk. Lexi was returned to the shelter not too long ago after an older couple adopted her. See, Lexi is a wonderful dog. She knows her given "shelter name," she knows commands like "sit" and "heel," she doesn't jump up - she's generally very calm and sweet and lovable. She's strong - which I learned from taking her for a walk in the snow - but it's been a while since I walked any fully grown large dog. Her problem is, she doesn't like other dogs. She needs to be the only pet. I guess she got into it with a neighbor dog, and that's why she was returned. A bummer for everyone at the shelter, who thought she'd hit it off with someone and found a home.

There's another dog that I'm loving there, Astro. He's a coonhound mix, and there's just something about him for me. He's not my type as far as dog looks go - but his eyes and his demeanor draw me in. He's so calm and so sweet. His personality tag says "couch potato," so I know he'd be the dog for me... if only I were allowed to have a dog. BUT - that's the reason I'm there. Because at least I'm allowed a cat, and I can spend time with Astro and Lexi and Red, who is another beautiful boy that I LURVE...

At any rate - every time I leave the shelter, I feel good. I leave with a warm heart and hands that smell like puppy, and that's one of my favorite feelings.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Heart to heart

Gawd. What a weekend I've had. It started, like most weekends do, on Friday. My mom called me at work to tell me she had taken my dad to the emergency room. He apparently had a heart attack a few weeks ago after shoveling snow and didn't realize it. Since then, he's been feeling sick. They did some tests and found out that it was his heart. After doing a heart catheterization they found 2 blocked arteries which required double bypass surgery. Good times.

So the surgery was yesterday, and all went well. My dad is in recovery in the ICU, and will probably be in the hospital for the rest of the week. The good thing about it is, I'm seeing a lot of family, including my brother and two sisters from the Carolinas. And nieces and nephews.

Hospital. It's such a dirty word. I've had my fill of hospitals for the rest of my life, I'm telling you. The next time I have a baby, I may just do it in my bathtub.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kitty Meow

you should probably know about the ways cats think...

Have I talked about how much I enjoy having a cat in my life again? It's been a good 8 years (longer?) since I had to give up my baby kitty Garcia, because my dad's entire face swelled up in his presence. Which was his house. Where my dad also lived.

Out of all the members of my family, Boots is most affectionate with me. Possibly because I provide the good scritchins behind the ears and the yummy morsels of food that she yowls for. Yowls. And rolls around on her back. Like the cat guidelines thing that I linked to, she likes to supervise me in the bathroom, especially in the shower. She's usually very mellow and mild mannered - she lets Lyric manhandle her without much thought, but typically after about 2 minutes of being dragged around by her neck she'll resume hiding under the kitchen table. Since Ryan's been off work, he tells me what goes on in the house every day, like how many times Lyric has pooped and the extent of the stinkiness of it, or "that cat is going fucking nuts right now," meaning that the cat is playing. She doesn't just play - she goes slightly insane. I've actually witnessed her climb the curtains after taking a flying leap for them. I thought she may actually break the window.

I haven't gotten many good Boots pictures lately, but I'll post some soon.

Miss Kitty

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Big Girl

Have I mentioned lately that my baby is no longer a baby, but a small person? It seems to strike me every day – the fact that the little teeny pink bundle is now a little girl. A disaster area of a girl, actually. That kid could make a mess at Mr. Clean’s house, I swear. Although she might be scared by his bald head. I’m constantly chasing after her, picking up the debris that she scatters as she runs past.

Yesterday I arrived home after work, feeling like crap from the cold that has implanted itself in my chest, and she followed Ryan out the door to greet me on the back porch. I had this weird moment where I felt like I was seeing her for the first time, and I was totally struck by how goddamn cute she is. I told her that “mommy feels like poop,” to which she responded by handing me her sippy cup of orange juice, saying, “drink juice... make you feel better.”

GAWD. The cuteness melts my heart.


Friday, January 04, 2008

2008... it's GRRRRREAT!

Ok, I realize that's a terrible title. It's early and I'm tired. My kid is sick and I'm fighting a cold as well. Nothing like starting the new year off with a snotty nose, huh?

At least I'm not Britney. Yeowch.

So... what's new? Sorry I haven't been around much. The holidays were wonderful this year. Christmas was excellent, and New Years was a blast. There are many pictures to be seen from both on my Flickr.

Resolutions??? Hmm, well, they're typical this year. Eat better, exercise, yadda yadda. But not until next week. Wink wink!

The first bow on her head...

Guess what that was taken with? My BRAND NEW CANON REBEL XTi!

Yeah! Flickr is going to be busy with my pictures this year.