Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kitty Meow

you should probably know about the ways cats think...

Have I talked about how much I enjoy having a cat in my life again? It's been a good 8 years (longer?) since I had to give up my baby kitty Garcia, because my dad's entire face swelled up in his presence. Which was his house. Where my dad also lived.

Out of all the members of my family, Boots is most affectionate with me. Possibly because I provide the good scritchins behind the ears and the yummy morsels of food that she yowls for. Yowls. And rolls around on her back. Like the cat guidelines thing that I linked to, she likes to supervise me in the bathroom, especially in the shower. She's usually very mellow and mild mannered - she lets Lyric manhandle her without much thought, but typically after about 2 minutes of being dragged around by her neck she'll resume hiding under the kitchen table. Since Ryan's been off work, he tells me what goes on in the house every day, like how many times Lyric has pooped and the extent of the stinkiness of it, or "that cat is going fucking nuts right now," meaning that the cat is playing. She doesn't just play - she goes slightly insane. I've actually witnessed her climb the curtains after taking a flying leap for them. I thought she may actually break the window.

I haven't gotten many good Boots pictures lately, but I'll post some soon.

Miss Kitty

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