Friday, January 04, 2008

2008... it's GRRRRREAT!

Ok, I realize that's a terrible title. It's early and I'm tired. My kid is sick and I'm fighting a cold as well. Nothing like starting the new year off with a snotty nose, huh?

At least I'm not Britney. Yeowch.

So... what's new? Sorry I haven't been around much. The holidays were wonderful this year. Christmas was excellent, and New Years was a blast. There are many pictures to be seen from both on my Flickr.

Resolutions??? Hmm, well, they're typical this year. Eat better, exercise, yadda yadda. But not until next week. Wink wink!

The first bow on her head...

Guess what that was taken with? My BRAND NEW CANON REBEL XTi!

Yeah! Flickr is going to be busy with my pictures this year.

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