Friday, January 25, 2008


My dad went home yesterday. He's on about 7 prescriptions - which is a lot considering the only thing he took before going into the hospital were vitamins. Not bad for a 72 year old man... up to this point. But after a couple weeks of hospital visits, I'm glad that he's home. Probably not as glad as he is.

So... on another note - I've been volunteering at the Butler County Humane Society. I actually just designed their newsletter and I'm working on updating a few brochures for them. Not to mention the animals. Yesterday I took this sweet girl Lexi, a Lab/Boxer mix, out for a walk. Lexi was returned to the shelter not too long ago after an older couple adopted her. See, Lexi is a wonderful dog. She knows her given "shelter name," she knows commands like "sit" and "heel," she doesn't jump up - she's generally very calm and sweet and lovable. She's strong - which I learned from taking her for a walk in the snow - but it's been a while since I walked any fully grown large dog. Her problem is, she doesn't like other dogs. She needs to be the only pet. I guess she got into it with a neighbor dog, and that's why she was returned. A bummer for everyone at the shelter, who thought she'd hit it off with someone and found a home.

There's another dog that I'm loving there, Astro. He's a coonhound mix, and there's just something about him for me. He's not my type as far as dog looks go - but his eyes and his demeanor draw me in. He's so calm and so sweet. His personality tag says "couch potato," so I know he'd be the dog for me... if only I were allowed to have a dog. BUT - that's the reason I'm there. Because at least I'm allowed a cat, and I can spend time with Astro and Lexi and Red, who is another beautiful boy that I LURVE...

At any rate - every time I leave the shelter, I feel good. I leave with a warm heart and hands that smell like puppy, and that's one of my favorite feelings.

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