Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mr. Poopy

I just found a Red hair in my keyboard at work. They're all over my gloves, which he steals and buries his nose in them. He's a wonderful dog so far, aside from his perpetual pooping in the basement and running off this morning... I had to chase him down in my van - he was a couple blocks down and when I yelled his name and opened the passengers side door, he ran up and hopped in the car like, "Sweet! My ride's here."

If we could just stop him from pooping in the basement. I feel like all I've done here for the past month is bitch and moan about dogs. It's his only bad quality though, and breaking him of it since he did it the first time is tough. It's winter, we can only walk him so long - and he doesn't, you know, hurry up. So as soon as we bring him in, he sneaks away, down the stairs, and poops by the washer and dryer. Don't know what that's about, but I'm thinking we just need to banish him from the basement, because he doesn't do it anywhere else. And it's not that he hasn't pooped outside - but he's only done it maybe 4 times since we brought him home.

Oh, and his farts? He's definitely an old man.

But I love him - and I was in heaven the other night, snuggled in bed with Lyric, Boots, and Red - all together and cozy. Ryan was out, otherwise, no dog in the bedroom, but I like to let Red sneak in there at night when I get up to go get Lyric a drink or go to the bathroom.

I'm definitely a mom, because poop doesn't even phase me anymore. Puke? Now, that's another story for another day... my kiddo is getting over a stomach bug, so we had a little of both - double Ps, I like to call it - going.


Friday, February 22, 2008


Finally! We have a winner!


Red came to live with us last night. So far, he's an excellent boy... we just have to work on his pesky marking habit. Thankfully, he only does that in the basement. But maybe once he settles in, that will stop.

Updates to follow!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Uh oh... tugging my heartstrings...

Today I was shocked to see Red, a beautiful big 7 year old golden retriever, back at the shelter. He was adopted once, and I was sad to see him go, but happy he had found a home. A few days later he was returned to the shelter, much to the dismay of everyone who works there. The woman who had adopted him thought that his neuter was included in the adoption fee, which was incorrect. Although she would have gotten a discounted price for a neuter, she couldn't have afforded it. So she brought him back.

Fortunately the Humane Society has a great spay and neuter program, and most dogs and cats that are adopted get neutered/spayed before they go out. They work with a few area vets who are kind enough to take their animals in and do surgery for them. And this spring they'll actually have a vet working for the shelter, and eventually every animal will be spayed or neutered before they're adopted. Which is wonderful. At this point, one of the stipulations of adoption is that you must get the animal altered.

After Red came back, he got to be on one of the speuter transorts (what they call their spay and neuter program). So a few weeks ago he was neutered, thankfully. I wasn't surprised to hear that he was adopted a week or so ago. I was bummed that I was busy with Daisy and didn't get to see him again before he went, but I was certain this time that he was going home.

Not. Seems that the father of the family that adopted him didn't know how allergic he was to dogs. So Red came back. Again.

I saw his picture back up on the website, so I knew that I had to visit him as well as Daisy. Unfortunately, they still have Daisy in isolation, so I couldn't take her out, so I opted to take Red out. I saw him in his kennel, and he looked about as sad as a dog could possibly look. He was probably so confused. When he saw me, he pressed his entire body up to the fencing of the kennel so I could touch him. It was like he was saying, "please love me... nobody else does." This of course, made my heart break, and I got him out and we spent a good hour or so together, walking in the snow, playing inside, cuddling.

Yeah. I fell in love.

He peed and pooped outside right away. Then when we came inside, he put his ginormous head on my lap and just let me pet him. When I stopped petting him, he put one of his big paws up on my arm. He would sit, shake, and lie down. That's all I tried, but he did each command on the first try. I took him over to the kitty cages in the back and he sniffed but didn't really react much. He's like a big teddy bear, soft and cuddly and a lover and a half.

I'm taking Lyric up tomorrow to meet him. He is a really big dog, much bigger than any dog she's ever been around, and I really hope he's as gentle with her as he was with me. Because he would be the perfect dog.

Ryan is very interested in meeting him too. He loves bigger dogs, especially labs and retrievers, so once the family meets him, if we all get along, he may find his forever home. And that would be wonderful.

Back to normal

Miss Daisy went back to the kennel Saturday morning. It was a little tough to give her up, but it wasn't so bad considering she had pooped three times in the house that morning. The pooping was the hardest part. You can't imagine how hard it is to get a dog to tell you that she needs to go outside. But trust me, I can't even potty train my daughter, so it's no surprise that I couldn't get a less intelligent creature to do it either.

It was hard to give her up, but only because she's so cute. I'm going to visit her this evening, once Lyric wakes up from her nap. We went to Erie Saturday, and when Ryan's dad brought Lyric down yesterday afternoon once we got home, she saw the cat and said, "there's kitty friend!" and promptly said, "doggy?" and ran to the office where I kept Daisy's crate. Ryan and I looked at each other and said, "uh oh." But she seemed satisfied with my explanation that doggy went bye byes, and a family would probably adopt her soon and take her to their house.

I've come to realize that I do want a dog, badly. I love my cat - and I love the independence of cats and how low maintenance they are, but nothing can beat puppy love. When I do get a dog, he or she will be the right fit for our family, and probably be a little older and a little calmer. And able to poop outside. That's the bonus of older dogs, they usually already know that stuff. Puppies are cute, but like babies, they're a lot of work.

For now I'll be satisfied walking random dogs and taking pleasure in helping their stay in the kennel a happier one.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It's snowing. I'm at home, supposedly working. I haven't had a chance to do anything, thanks to babies and doggies.

My final decision on Daisy has been made. I do want a dog, eventually. But when we do get a dog, I think we'll be selective about it. I'll definitely adopt one from the Humane Society, but it will probably be a slightly older one - one that I get to know by going for long walks in the poop strewn lawn behind the shelter. Like dating.

Puppies are a lot of work, and truthfully, I don't have time. Her personality is really coming out in the past couple of days, and she's your average rambunctious pup. And she's chewed several of Lyric's new Barbie dolls hands off. Now Lyric refuses to play with the disabled Barbies.

So... now that Daisy is healthy, I think she'll go back to the shelter and she'll probably get adopted pretty quickly. Puppies always do.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Lately life has been stressing me out. It got a little better Friday, when I found out that I'm getting a 15 percent raise at work. Ryan and I talked on Thursday night, and we decided to keep Daisy. Then Friday night I ended up taking Ryan to the ER - there were walnuts in the dessert that he ate at the restaurant we went to. It's the first time in 9 long years that I've ever seen him have that bad of an allergic reaction. So he got medicated, and we got home a little after midnight.

The weekend was pretty good. Until today's frigid tempatures (below zero) made the dog NOT want anything to do with outside. Which is understandable, neither did I. She pooped all over the house, unfortunately. I cleaned each and every pile. Ryan was good enough to take her out the last time, and she came inside to poop.

"Your dog. You clean it." He said.

That was enough to put me in freak out mode.

"So I do everything with the dog? And the cat? And the baby?" Because I do. I clean the litter. I change the kid (unless I ask him to... then he does, but he has to be asked). So needless to say, the prospect of adding yet another charge to my already full plate pushed me over the edge.

"You brought her home - she's your dog."


I told him that we weren't keeping her if that was the case. He said his heart wouldn't be broken.

I want to keep her. I just don't want to do everything. I don't mind sharing duties... but imagine adding another baby to my "to-do" list.

My mind changes every day. I think thats why I'm frustrated, and stressed.

A lot of the time, I feel like another child in my house. Like I'm supposed to be the one learning to be responsible... like I can't make any decisions - like when to pay a bill or when to buy groceries. So how do I change things? When I want to buy a new car (and I do want to, but he says I have to wait) - why can't I do that?

I'm just kind of sick of not having things in my control. And maybe I'm just ranting after having a fight, but it makes me feel better to get it all out there.


Ok, better now. Whew.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Daisy Mae updates

In the almost week that Daisy has been with us, she's come a long way - from terrified, skinny, sickly pup, to energetic, playful, slightly less shy and putting on weight. She's still got her cold, as evidenced by the crusty boogers and the hacking cough, but it's not nearly as bad. I'm hoping it clears up very soon.

Taking ESC's advice, (thanks ESC!) I started taking her out on the leash with lots of treats. Not only do I not have to carry her out the door and down the steps any more, but she does her business rather quickly. All in a matter of days! She'll still poop and pee on newspaper, but I've started taking her messes outside and putting it where she likes to do her business - by the bush on the side of the yard, and by the air conditioning unit beside the house. Those are the two surefire spots for puppy poops and pees.

She loves to chew, as most puppies often do, and while I've got a great stash of rawhides and chewy toys for her, some of Lyric's toys have gotten the brunt of those sharp puppy teeth. As did my PS2 controller. It's a great way to remind not only ourselves to keep things off the floor, but a motivational tool for Lyric to pick up her toys - "you have to clean up or the doggie will eat your baby doll!" Yeah. It's like that.

And while I'd love to keep her, I know eventually she'll have to go back... back to a shelter that smells of wet dog and bleach - where she'll be placed in isolation for a week with other dogs barking all around her, far from the comfort of my couch which she's claimed as her nap spot. Life behind bars, eventually moved out front so potential adopters can see how cute she is... and it probably won't take long. Puppies never last at the shelter. It's the older dogs that live out their days in a stinky kennel. And then I'll never see her again.

And truthfully, that makes me a little sad. But at the same time, I'm not sure if I'm ready for a full time dog. Been there... and I wasn't ready then. With a toddler and a full time job(s), it's hard enough to find time to spend with my kid and my husband. I already feel like Daisy has demanded more of my time this week than Lyric has.

And you know what else? I'm ready for another baby. How's that for an announcement?

Puppies may have to wait.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Daisy Mae

Daisy - the kennel cough puppy

Meet Daisy. Her name, according to the Humane Society, is Lindy. But she answers much better, and is more suited to Daisy, which is what Lyric named her. We're fostering her at the moment. She has kennel cough, and you can see evidence of it when you look at her nose. See how crusty it is? Those are dried dog boogers. Which don't really make her any less cute, although it is a little off putting. So we're taking care of her until she gets all better.

I kind of stumbled into fostering her, because, well, let's face it... I'm a sucker for dogs. Especially sick puppies that need love. There are lots of healthy dogs at the humane society, but they recently did a rescue from a kill shelter in Ohio... and Lindy/Daisy happened to be a death row puppy. How on earth you could kill a puppy like this (or any puppy for that matter) is beyond me. And what a waste that would have been, because she is one of the sweetest little dogs I've met in a long time.

Seriously, I don't keep my baby in here.

As you can see, my kid really likes her. But I really think she just thinks Daisy's crate is a little club house. She hung out in there all weekend. Which made me wonder, why didn't we get a crate like that to begin with? It would have saved us a lot of trips to the babysitter.


Daisy is very sweet and a little shy - I don't think she's ever had anyone really pet her much, and now that she's got it, she's loving it. We shower her with attention and feed her as much as possible - she's really skinny. She also hates walking on a leash. I'm not sure if she's ever experienced the outdoors at all. She's four months, and when you put her on a leash, you have to carry her out the door. When you sit her on the ground outside, she just digs her feet in and won't move. She plants her butt. No pooping, no peeing. That's all done on newspaper in the safety of our house. So we're working on that.

The best part about her? She doesn't jump. She's a couch potato. Seriously - she'll lie on the couch for hours. That might be due to her cold, but she's really very mellow. I don't know any dog more mellow, actually. Rocky was a freaking lunatic, and my mom's dogs are crazy too (the best part about them is that they're tiny, so when they jump on you it's kind of like a feather jumping on you).

Lyric spent a good part of Saturday night lying on the dog - which made Ryan want to keep her. The dog, that is. We've already decided to keep Lyric. I was worried that I'd be the one to get attached to her. In fact, I woke up Saturday morning wondering how long we'd have to keep her (not sure how long kennel cough lasts). But then Ryan dropped the "we have to keep her" bomb on me.

Quite possibly because he drank six Newcastle Brown Ales. Now I want to keep her, and I'm not sure how serious he was. But we're going to play it by ear. If we feel that after a few weeks we can't part with her, she'll stay. It's almost like test driving a car - only with a real live living thing with feelings that will have to go back to a stinky old shelter and live in a cage...

Hmm. As long as we can get the walking outside thing down. I've become an avid dog walker in the past few weeks - taking out big dogs, small dogs, hyper dogs, old dogs... so a dog that doesn't like to walk is new to me. Any advice on that front would be great!