Monday, February 04, 2008

Daisy Mae

Daisy - the kennel cough puppy

Meet Daisy. Her name, according to the Humane Society, is Lindy. But she answers much better, and is more suited to Daisy, which is what Lyric named her. We're fostering her at the moment. She has kennel cough, and you can see evidence of it when you look at her nose. See how crusty it is? Those are dried dog boogers. Which don't really make her any less cute, although it is a little off putting. So we're taking care of her until she gets all better.

I kind of stumbled into fostering her, because, well, let's face it... I'm a sucker for dogs. Especially sick puppies that need love. There are lots of healthy dogs at the humane society, but they recently did a rescue from a kill shelter in Ohio... and Lindy/Daisy happened to be a death row puppy. How on earth you could kill a puppy like this (or any puppy for that matter) is beyond me. And what a waste that would have been, because she is one of the sweetest little dogs I've met in a long time.

Seriously, I don't keep my baby in here.

As you can see, my kid really likes her. But I really think she just thinks Daisy's crate is a little club house. She hung out in there all weekend. Which made me wonder, why didn't we get a crate like that to begin with? It would have saved us a lot of trips to the babysitter.


Daisy is very sweet and a little shy - I don't think she's ever had anyone really pet her much, and now that she's got it, she's loving it. We shower her with attention and feed her as much as possible - she's really skinny. She also hates walking on a leash. I'm not sure if she's ever experienced the outdoors at all. She's four months, and when you put her on a leash, you have to carry her out the door. When you sit her on the ground outside, she just digs her feet in and won't move. She plants her butt. No pooping, no peeing. That's all done on newspaper in the safety of our house. So we're working on that.

The best part about her? She doesn't jump. She's a couch potato. Seriously - she'll lie on the couch for hours. That might be due to her cold, but she's really very mellow. I don't know any dog more mellow, actually. Rocky was a freaking lunatic, and my mom's dogs are crazy too (the best part about them is that they're tiny, so when they jump on you it's kind of like a feather jumping on you).

Lyric spent a good part of Saturday night lying on the dog - which made Ryan want to keep her. The dog, that is. We've already decided to keep Lyric. I was worried that I'd be the one to get attached to her. In fact, I woke up Saturday morning wondering how long we'd have to keep her (not sure how long kennel cough lasts). But then Ryan dropped the "we have to keep her" bomb on me.

Quite possibly because he drank six Newcastle Brown Ales. Now I want to keep her, and I'm not sure how serious he was. But we're going to play it by ear. If we feel that after a few weeks we can't part with her, she'll stay. It's almost like test driving a car - only with a real live living thing with feelings that will have to go back to a stinky old shelter and live in a cage...

Hmm. As long as we can get the walking outside thing down. I've become an avid dog walker in the past few weeks - taking out big dogs, small dogs, hyper dogs, old dogs... so a dog that doesn't like to walk is new to me. Any advice on that front would be great!

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