Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mr. Poopy

I just found a Red hair in my keyboard at work. They're all over my gloves, which he steals and buries his nose in them. He's a wonderful dog so far, aside from his perpetual pooping in the basement and running off this morning... I had to chase him down in my van - he was a couple blocks down and when I yelled his name and opened the passengers side door, he ran up and hopped in the car like, "Sweet! My ride's here."

If we could just stop him from pooping in the basement. I feel like all I've done here for the past month is bitch and moan about dogs. It's his only bad quality though, and breaking him of it since he did it the first time is tough. It's winter, we can only walk him so long - and he doesn't, you know, hurry up. So as soon as we bring him in, he sneaks away, down the stairs, and poops by the washer and dryer. Don't know what that's about, but I'm thinking we just need to banish him from the basement, because he doesn't do it anywhere else. And it's not that he hasn't pooped outside - but he's only done it maybe 4 times since we brought him home.

Oh, and his farts? He's definitely an old man.

But I love him - and I was in heaven the other night, snuggled in bed with Lyric, Boots, and Red - all together and cozy. Ryan was out, otherwise, no dog in the bedroom, but I like to let Red sneak in there at night when I get up to go get Lyric a drink or go to the bathroom.

I'm definitely a mom, because poop doesn't even phase me anymore. Puke? Now, that's another story for another day... my kiddo is getting over a stomach bug, so we had a little of both - double Ps, I like to call it - going.


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