Friday, August 10, 2012

Cavegirl can't run

Ok, so I talked a little bit about doing the Paleo thing last time. I'm about 85% there - I have yet to fully eliminate dairy (I love cream in my coffee, although So Delicious makes a wonderful coconut milk creamer, but it's hard to find in my town - go figure), and I haven't yet eliminated artificial sweetner (I've been using Ideal, which is a xylitol sweetner - basically made of plant sugar alchohol) which is a Paleo No. And yes, grass fed beef is hard to come by around my area (strange with so many farms, right?), so I try to stick with lean meats. I've lost a few lbs since last week, so that makes me happy. And I feel pretty good. This way of eating makes a lot of sense to me. Can I get the whole family on board? Probably not. But I'll do what I can.

So I had a 10K last Saturday and it was sort of a disaster. I will say I've only ever ran in one race before - a 5K. I thought 3 weeks of training and only two 6 mile runs would suffice. It did not. First things first - I slipped and fell on Friday night and initially, while writhing on the floor in pain, thought I broke my ankle. After a minute I was able to limp around, but my foot HURT. It still hurt in the morning, but felt better with my running shoes on, since it had some support. So there was that. Also, it was INCREDIBLY hot and humid that morning, and while my pace for my first mile was good - about a 10 minute mile, which is fantastic for me, I quickly slowed down. Then slowed down more. And by my third mile at the turnaround point, I was walking the whole way back. I literally felt like I was going to pass out from the heat, so I didn't want to push myself. The downside of that? There were only 38 people racing. And guess who came in last at 1:21 with a pace of 13:12/M? The only thing that kept me going was the thought of a banana and some gatorade at the finish. I literally collapsed into the dirt when I was done. I've never been so exhausted or sweaty in my life. Even Lyric told me I stunk.

I felt so incredibly defeated, and I've been kicking myself for signing up for that half. There is NO WAY I'm going to be ready in time. Great attitude, right? But if I can't even run for a full 3 miles, I highly doubt an added 10 is going to go over well with my body. But I'll keep on keeping on with my training. Miracles occasionally happen.

And my foot STILL hurts. But not as bad. I'm ready to go for another run. 


greg said...

Just keep running and think of the half in October as a training run. You can always run a mile, walk a mile. Or run ten minutes, walk ten minutes. Just don't quit!

The important thing is just getting out there. Worry about time next year. This year, just worry about finishing.

Great job so far!

E-Lo said...

Thanks Greg!