Tuesday, August 14, 2012

W to the F

For a week or so I've been experiencing this weird stomach pain at work. Only at work. I thought it was stress related - that I hate my job so bad that it physically makes me ill (which could be true - it's not one of the best jobs ever). Today I finally put it together. I've been eating almond butter on celery! THAT'S making me sick! I have a weird, sudden almond intolerance! Which makes complete sense, because I got REALLY sick a few weeks ago after mowing down a bunch of almonds. Like, I had to go lay down in the women's locker room at work sick. So now I need to find a new snack. I can stomach PB ok, but that's a legume, which is a Paleo No. Sad times! I was doing natural PB on my celery until I started going more Paleo. But it seems that almond is more gut irritating to me. And just plain celery isn't going to cut it.

I took a week off from running. Not that I really had a choice - I've had a swollen ankle from my injury (I still haven't gotten that taken care of) and Fallon had strep and pneumonia. I wasn't feeling the greatest either. But I'm much better now. Even though my foot was still a little iffy, I took a walk at lunch today, and ran the last leg of it and it felt GLORIOUS. If only I didn't have to go back to work - I might have ran another hour and 20 minutes. *snicker*

I'm down another pound this week! Woot!

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