Friday, August 26, 2005

Stray cat strut

Thanks everyone who said nice stuff yesterday. Sometimes I just need that. It’s hard to be as insecure as I am about myself and hear negativity from the people closest to me. I know my mommy doesn’t mean to be a meanie, but doesn’t everyone have a problem taking criticism from their mom? Ok, now on to more important things.

Such as the small problem I have. The small, white, furry problem. Ryan and I seem to have made a new friend.

Meow Mix

I call her Meow Mix, for lack of a better name. She turned up at our house on Wednesday night. We got home from Lamaze class and hear this tiny but persistent meowing. I poked my head out the front door and there she was. All I had to say was, “hi, kitty” and she ran right up to me. Naturally, being the sucker I am, I felt obligated to give her something, so I put a little milk in a bowl for her. Ryan sat outside with her and played with her for a while before leaving to go out. When he came back, she was still hanging around.

Yesterday when I got home it didn’t take her long to show up. Ryan gave her some tuna, which she gobbled up. She hung around pretty much all night, so we invited her in for a bit. She took a look around the house and after about 15 minutes we put her back out, since we were afraid that she might poop or pee somewhere. When we got up this morning, we heard the meowing right outside our kitchen window. I opened the back door and said good morning. She ran right in so I grabbed the milk and headed for the front door, where she lapped up the milk on the front porch. She greeted me on the way out the door for work, so I snapped that picture of her.

The problem is, I’m sure she has to belong to someone. She’s too pretty and too friendly to just be a stray. And we may have done the wrong thing in feeding her, but we’re suckers. We can’t resist small furry creatures. When Ryan and I first moved in together, we had this tiny apartment by the woods. There was a group of cats that ran around and they had a bunch of kittens too. I swear the mom cat would send those kittens to our door to beg for food. Naturally we fed them, almost everyday. The winter was the hardest, because they were outside. We’d bring them inside and warm them up, and put a little box outside with a bunch of old towels that they could sleep in to keep warm. Ryan called the friendliest of the bunch Sylvester. Sylvester hung around for a while. Then we moved, and that was the end of our stray kitty feeding days. Until now.

It makes me a little nervous and slightly uncomfortable, since pets are strictly forbidden where we live. And we have dicks for neighbors, so I don’t want them calling our landlord telling him that we have a cat. But I also don’t want the cat to starve. She seems to be in pretty good shape. She’s a little skinny, but she’s not skin and bones.

What should I do? I can’t have a cat! And I don’t want to take someone else’s cat. But how can I resist those yellow eyes?

It's been the week of cats and dogs here in E-Lo land.

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