Monday, August 01, 2005

The beginning of the sleep deprivation...

Gah. Monday. Thankfully, I’m off on Friday. I’m taking a day off to pamper myself. Ryan got me a massage, pedicure and facial package, so that’s my plan for that day. And I’ll probably throw a haircut on there too. I’m thinking I need bangs. But that’s the only major change I want to make to my hair right now, other than lowlights. Drastic hormonal hair changes are never a good thing.

My mind is all over the place this morning. I’m shower/registry obsessed. And for those of you worried about my milkshake, don’t worry, it’s not leaky yet. It’s just made itself apparent, like, hello! Here I am!. I did register for those wonderful breast pads though. And many, many, MANY other things. I hate registering. I keep wondering how much crap I’ll have to take back. For my wedding I got three blenders, 2 microwaves, 2 sets of pots and pans, 2 crock pots, and a whole bunch of other duplicates. I think we almost got 300 bucks back from returning stuff, which was the only good part of it, because we went shopping and bought stuff for ourselves.

Saturday my mom and I primered the nursery. It’s soon to be a springy green color. Hopefully it will be decorated in this cute stuff (with accessories!), but I have a feeling that I might have to buy all this myself, because my family and Ryan’s family aren’t very internet savvy, so buying stuff from might be a stretch for them when they can just go to Target and get whatever the hell they want.

I CAN’T STOP OBSESSING OVER THIS CRAP. It’s driving me insane. I lost way too much sleep last night over shower related thoughts. I hate it.

I’ll probably get my glucose test results on Wednesday at my doctor appointment. I hope to NOT post about anything baby related for the rest of the week. Wish me luck.

This made me giggle. So me.

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