Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Does Stomp need any new cast members?

I have to buy new shoes. My feet are officially too big for anything but flip flops. This has been going on for a couple weeks, but I’ve been denying it. Last week I tried to put on a pair of my normal shoes, and they didn’t fit. This is inherently depressing to me, because I have a lot of shoes and I really like most of them. I just took a good look at the sandals that I wear every other day (when I’m not wearing flip flops) and realized that they’re falling apart. I bought them in May. My feet have outgrown them. Kind of like how the Incredible Hulk grows out of Bruce Banner’s clothes and just rips them to shreds. It's like a Gamma bomb hit me. I'm hulking out all over.

I no longer no what to expect from my feet. Will they go back to normal? Will I ever be able to wear my old comfy shoes again? Or do I have to move up a size or two and overhaul my entire collection? And tell me, how can a new, out of work mom afford a new footware wardrobe? It’s bad enough that my normal clothes aren’t going to fit me for a few months… et tu, shoes?

I feel betrayed.

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