Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Summer's Almost Over? Yipes!

I was just talking with some of my friends on my other blog about how all we hear about lately is how summer is almost over. "It’s August 17th already? Where did summer go? School is starting in two weeks, can you believe it?"

Well, yes, I can believe it. It’s a little thing called time, and it happens every day. Don’t make me get technical on your sorry ass and make me explain the way the earth revolves around the sun. Amazing little device time is. I’m actually looking forward to the decline of summer into the yummy crisp days of autumn. There’s nothing quite as lovely as trampling through dead leaves and carving pumpkins.

Every year I go to a festival in Clarion (otherwise known as the autumn leaf capital of the world) called the Autumn Leaf Festival. Yes, it is abbreviated as ALF. Like the furry alien guy. ALF is a time of drinking and reveling in the beauty of nature. More about drinking really. Since I went to school there, it’s a special kind of time, filled with many, many memories and events. My favorite part of ALF, other than getting shitty drunk, is the Friday of Farmer and Crafter day. I get to spend the day perusing Main Street. They close down the entire street and fill it with vendors. Not to mention the carnies that are already set up there. It’s always a day that I spend with my mother and various other females that my mom and I are friends with. My husband and dad spend the day bar hopping, and I spend money on fun little crafty knick-knacks that I really don’t need. It’s a day of female bonding. But there’s always that certain feeling in the air. The one that only comes with the advent of fall. It’s almost indescribable, but it is a feeling that fills my soul with a kind of happiness. The clean, cool air, the warm sun, the smell of decaying leaves. So being that I’ve had a rather depressing summer, I’m looking forward to that fall feeling. It’s a happy one. Plus I get to buy shit. Bonus.

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