Friday, August 06, 2004

Happy Friday

It's so cold this morning! It feels like fall, which explains my picture. I love fall. Today's weather like a tease for the months ahead, just with less pretty colors.

Yep, today I’m a bad little E-Lo. I called off work for the first time since I started my illustrious career in the retail electronics industry. It feels good. I’m a rebel. Bad me. So now I’m on a little mini-vacation.

The weirdest thing about this blogging thing (and something I keep hearing from just about everyone in this little blogging community) is how absolutely addictive it is. I’ve been trying to figure out exactly why. It’s so easy to engross yourself in other peoples’ lives and read their stories and look at their pictures and say, "hmmmph. I can relate to that." Even if it’s something you’ve never experienced, like having a child, or working at a strip club, or sitting in a cubicle…whatever. I guess it’s just the humanity that surrounds it. And the fact that there are truly intelligent people out there with interesting ideas. An air of mystery engulfs the whole thing, because you sort of feel like you know these people, but you really don’t. My life in comparison is probably less interesting than most, but I try to get something from the experience and write about it.

When I was younger I kept a journal. I still have every single journal I wrote in. I kept one up until I got married. I still don’t know why I quit writing in one. My entries got farther and farther apart, so I just sort of gave it up. Plus I wrote only when I was having problems or feeling sorry for myself, so it was depressing to go back and read them. So I guess I started this little thing as a way to chronicle the different aspects of my life. Plus I can add pictures. Me likey pictures. Mmm hmm.

Tonight is my husband’s show. I’m excited to see him play. I’ve known him since I was 14, (we even sort of dated then, isn’t that funny?) and he’s always been a musician. I spent a great deal of my youth going to shows that his various band played in. This band is a new project for him, and so far I’ve heard it’s really good. I haven’t seen them in full force yet. But I hope a lot of people come and that they raise a lot of money, because it’s for a good cause. Plus the prospect of all of my friends coming from far away and all getting together is going to be fun. Pictures of tonight’s event will follow.

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