Monday, August 02, 2004

Growing and growing... tired

I woke up this morning and found this big pink beast in my planter of wildflowers. It seemingly appeared there overnight. Neat how that happens.
Wow, what a weekend. My feet are killing me. I've closed my store for the past 3 nights. I still have 2 more mornings to open until I have a day off. So my life has been rather uneventful for the past few days.
I'm looking forward to the weekend. I have lots of company coming, which will mean that I actually have to clean my house. My husband and his band are playing in a benefit show on Friday for a friend of theirs who passed away in April. He was a big part of the music scene here in my little town, and when he died he left a wife and two sons, one of which is an infant. We figured the best thing to do is play a show in his honor and give the proceeds to his kids. So it should be fun, and I'm sure a little sad, but we have lots of friends coming from out of town, which is the best kind of respect they can give. Most of them didn't even know this guy, and yet they are willing to give money to his family. I love my friends.
I'm anticipating a weekend full of fun, alcohol, and games.
Now I'm going to go crack the Ben and Jerry's I bought myself as an after work treat. Goodbye diet.

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