Sunday, August 08, 2004


As I mentioned, the show went great. I talked before about how it was a benefit show for a friend of ours who passed away, who was a vital part of the little music scene here. He died of a heart condition in April, leaving a wife and 2 kids. He was only 30. So the show raised over a grand and was donated to his family to help them out.

This is my husband again. He plays bass. This was their first show, and hopefully more will follow soon. They did a great job. They played some originals and a few U2 covers.

This was another band that played. Kind of a hardcore band. They were really hard to photograph without a flash because they were constantly moving, but they were good in a screamy kind of way.

My husband also sings in a Misfits cover band that they call the Shitfits.

This little headbanging metal dude was in the first band that played and he yelled at my friend and I later on in the evening. So in true E-Lo fashion, when somebody pisses me off, I dedicate a post to them.

I was of course playing camera girl, video taping and taking pictures. We were standing by my video camera and dancing around, being silly, and my friend sat her drink down on an amp. Now, mind you, this amp was sitting basically right in front of the stage. There were people dancing, smoking, and drinking all around it. The rest of everyone's equipment was safely tucked behind the stage. All of a sudden, this little long haired guy walks up, right in front of my 500 dollar digital video camera, looks at my friend and I and says "Uh, excuse me, but NO." He picks up her drink like it has a disease and puts it on a table. Then he says, "this costs more than your lives" or something to that extent. Then he walks away, leaving us staring at each other. My friend broke the silence by saying, "He just tainted my drink. Now I have to go buy a new one."

Seriously. Beatdown to that guy for being irresponsible with his "expensive" equipment. Put it away or at least move it so that it's not in the middle of a crowd of people if you don't want someone's drink on it. For the rest of the night I had to keep telling people to move their drinks off of it or a little metal kid was going to come kick their ass. And I was drunk so I said it loud and obnoxiously and stared at him every time. Sometimes when I drink I just want to fight with guys I don't know. Of course most of the time they've done something to piss me off.

But at any rate I had a fun weekend. My friends came and stayed at my house and we had lots of bad food and alcohol. My body is just starting to feel normal again. Oh, wait, I spoke too soon. There goes my stomach.

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