Monday, August 30, 2004

Gone With the Wind

Another weekend bites the dust. It was halfway fun, Friday night we had some friends over (Greg, I know you’re reading this, so just comment, dammit Janet.) We drank beer and watched Bill Maher and stayed up and watched Rocky Horror. I forgot how much I loved that movie. In fact, I forgot I had it on DVD until I heard the Time Warp on the radio in a commerical for an 80’s Time Warp weekend. I had to work Saturday night, so I did that, and came home and drank the remainder of my wine slushies by my lonesome, which did give me a little tiny buzz, but I woke up Sunday with a splitting headache that lasted for 2 hours. Then I drove around with my camera. Nothing was particularly eye catching though. I took this one on my way home up Main Street through town.

I watched half of the VMA’s, which was a horrible waste of time. I was confused by the strange array of presenters and performers. It was like they had a tough time booking celebrities, so they were like, "Hey, let’s call Gwenyth Paltrow, she’s not doing anything, she just had a baby!" I don’t know why I even sat through it. I’m too old.

I just have to make it through this week, and then I have yet another long weekend. I’m looking forward to a weekend of forest filled activities, like hiking and playing in the river and things like that. I really am a tree hugger. Just without the smell.

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