Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Drinking, Debating, and Nutshells

Goodness me, I’ve been a busy girl the last two days.

My weekend was pretty low-key. As most of you know I went to camp. Now I’ll paint you a little mental picture: When I say camp, I imagine that most people think of a tent in the woods somewhere. I know the people at work do, because they kept asking me if I got wet this weekend. Not in a pervy way, but because it rained. But this is the case. My parents own a little trailer right outside of Cook Forest. We got it when I was 12, so it’s been around for 15 years or so. It was a piece of crap then. Now that my parents are retired, they are constantly remodeling it. It’s a teeny tiny trailer, but it’s probably one of the nicest camps I’ve ever been in. We have a big yard with a lot of trees, a big front deck, and 4 neighbors. We recently got a phone line installed. Since my parents are there all the time, I expect satellite TV next. My dad freaks out if he can’t watch the news 24 hours a day (on FOX! And he’s not even Republican. I don’t understand it. Anyway…). But that’s my camp.

Friday night it was pouring. My husband and I sat at the kitchen table with my parents and drank. My dad makes homemade amaretto, so he and my husband were drinking that, and I polished off a bottle of wine. My mom had her customary Coors Light (usually my drink of choice as well, if wine is unavailable). We had strange discussions about politics, gay marriage, and abortion. Not things I usually discuss in the presence of my parents, especially my dad, who is about as old fashioned as it gets. It makes me wonder how I, the fruit of his loins, became such an open minded individual. We disagree on everything. Sometimes he argues for the sake of arguing. At one point in the conversation, as I was telling him my opinion on one of my liberal viewpoints, he said, "Did they teach you this in all your years of school?" And I said, "No, I form my own opinions." "I’m disappointed." He infuriates me. But it’s so much fun to debate with him. It used to be that I’d never win. Now he just lets me talk and agrees to disagree. He is the epitome of an old dog. No new tricks for him. But I love my dad. He might be narrow minded and watch the evil news, but he’s my dad.

Needless to say we were all pretty well shitfaced by the time my brother and his girlfriend got there. And Saturday not much drinking was done.

So that was my weekend, in a nutshell (help, I’m in a nutshell!)

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