Thursday, August 19, 2004

Rainy Day Post

Here are some random thoughts and facts about me:

My mini vacation kicked off last night with beers and watching the Olympics.
Bluebirds are eating my squirrel food today. That pisses me off.
I need to clean today. I’m having a tough time getting motivated.
I’m also going to re-pot my plants. Again with the motivation.
I’m singing Cruisin, the duet from that movie (what the hell is the name of that movie? Duets! I think that’s it) by Huey Lewis and Gwenyth Paltrow at the moment.
In the mornings that I don’t work I sit and drink coffee and smoke cigarettes in front of my computer.
I used to think babies came out of bellybuttons. That was last week.
I had home-made Spanish rice for dinner last night and now I’m paying for it.
I can’t stop spending money I do not have. Yesterday I went nuts on clearance items at work. Stuff to re-pot my plants and soap. Like I need more soap.
I love it when I make people laugh. It’s an addiction. Sometimes I try too hard. But I’m terrible at telling jokes.
I’m also an attention whore. Part of my duality as a Gemini, I guess. I’m shy, but I love attention. WTF.
My guidance counselor in high school told my mother that I wasn’t college material, and that I would do well in cosmetology or secretarial work. Little did she know, although I can do hair and make-up, I can’t type for shit. My Master’s degree didn’t teach me how to do that.
Sometimes I like to put my foot in my mouth. Not literally.
The Clash is my favorite band of all time.
Every night I have to wake my husband up and tell him to go to bed. He falls asleep on the recliner or couch every single night. Without fail. And snores loudly.
I sing really loud in my car and pretend I’m having a concert.
I can’t do math. I just can’t do it. I try, but I get confused. Sometimes I see number backwards. It’s a weird kind of dyslexia. I also have a hard time talking about numbers, and saying big numbers, like forty five thousand. Don’t even add any digits after that, cause I’ll go haywire trying to figure it out.
I like to do Mad Libs and use dirty phrases. I love toilet humor.
Trivial Pursuit is my favorite game.
I want to go to a psychic. Or get my tarot cards read. I have tarot cards, but I’m not very good at reading them. Once I got my palm read and I knew the lady that did it was full of shit, because I know more about palm reading than the average Joe. She told me I had a long life-line so I’d live to be about 90. Bullshit. That’s not what that means.
I’m into reading children’s books right now. I just bought one from Amazon called Up From Jericho Tel. I read it when I was 9 and I loved it.

That’s all for now. I’m going to go try to do something constructive.

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