Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Frankie Says Relax

Yee-haw! No more work! At least until Friday, unless I decide to call off, which I'm seriously contemplating. I've worked six straight days. When I say work, I mean the most laborious labor. Toiling. Putting up with people's shit (see yesterday's post on that subject). One day I took a pedometer to work and I clocked 9 miles in my seven and a half hours. I'm so exhausted.

Time for some much needed R&R. And house cleaning for the weekend. Right now it's hard to rip myself away from either my couch or my computer. Both are like cozy little sanctuaries away from the rigors of retail. I'm going to hibernate tomorrow. Watch some E True Hollywood stories and scrub my bathrooms. I guess I can't escape working in some way or another.

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