Friday, August 20, 2004

Mother Hen

This is a picture I took last night of my little brother playing guitar and singing at an open mic night. I think I meant for it to look this way. Maybe it was a happy accident, but it's my favorite of all the pictures I took, even though you can't really see his face. I think you get more of the emotion behind the music. Or maybe I'm just trying to justify crappy picture taking skills.

At any rate, as my brother was playing, my grin got wider and wider. I felt like a proud mom watching her kid score a goal. It was the first time my brother ever played in front of a crowd, and he did well. I was trying to send him vibes of confidence, because I knew he was a little nervous. But he had fun performing, and I think everybody felt that.

I've seen my husband play lots of times, and I'm always proud and happy when he plays. This was a different kind of proud and happy. It was a mother hen kind of feeling. My face hurt from the huge smile I had the whole time. I was so excited to see him overcome his nervousness and get up there. Once he did, I think he felt like he could have played all night. He probably would have if they would have let him. Afterward he asked me, "how did I do? Did this one sound alright? What about this one? I'm going to play again next Thursday." Yep. Being the karaoke queen I am, I know the feeling.

It was great. I love bragging about my family. It's a trait I inherited from my proud rooster of a father.

I'm off to camp! Everyone have a good weekend.

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