Friday, June 24, 2005


The new and maybe sorta improved but most definitely cooler looking Squirrel Stories.

Let me know what you think. Does everything look right to you? If not, let me know. And then tell me how to fix it, because I'm clueless as hell. And don't ever ask me to make a new blog template, cause I'll fuck it up beyond recognition. This took me 2 whole days to get right, and it's still not quite right. But it LOOKS cool.

Doesn't it?

Ok, help, why do my apostrophes look all weird???

And how do I get rid of my title in the top part of the page above my banner?

How do I add a frame around my photos?

How do I get rid of "About Me" above my profile and add my own fancy title, like I did with my archives and shit?

I think that's all. If anyone can answer those questions, let me know.

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