Monday, June 06, 2005

Thunder Monday

Reality is such a kick in the ass. I’m so not ready for Monday. I’m still in weekend mode. It was an extremely busy weekend and I didn’t get much time to relax, although I didn’t give myself much time. I had a lot of fun doing a lot of different things though.

Friday night one of Ryan’s friends was in from out of town, and we had made plans (or so I thought) to have some people over to our house to entertain, since I’m not going to go to a bar. Well, Starr and Greg were still planning on coming over, but it turned out that Ryan’s friend had made other plans. He called, I answered, and he was like, “hey, we’re going to this bar… do you guys want to come?” Tell me if I was wrong to be a little pissed. I realize that the world doesn’t revolve around me and my pregnancy. But I was under the assumption, which I suppose was incorrect, that everyone was coming over to MY HOUSE so that I too could participate in the fun. I’m 5 months pregnant. Do you SERIOUSLY think I want to go spend a Friday night at some smoky bar filled with drunk people and do what? Sit there and sip a 7UP and gag on the cigarette smell? That sounds like something the drunk formerly known as E-Lo would have had fun doing. The current, sober, mother-in-training E-Lo wants no parts of that. Typically, I like this friend of Ryan’s, but what kind of person actually invites a pregnant woman out to the bar? Am I wrong or selfish to feel pissed off about that? At any rate, Starr and Greg still came over and we watched episodes of Animal Cops and Animal Precinct, both of which were highly addictive. It helped me to focus my anger on something useful, poop face animal abusers.

Saturday was spent making not one, but TWO trips to Clarion County… the first one to the Herb and Fiber festival, where there were plenty of herbs but not a lot of fiber. I got some rosemary, some Hungarian wax peppers (HOTT), and a big, beautiful patio tomato plant. When we got back to Butler my friend Kari gave me a knitting lesson. She knits the “continental” or left-handed way, and I actually found it easier than the last time I learned to knit (I obviously forgot how in all my crocheting and jewelry making madness)… it’s nice to get back into some creative projects. I’ve been kind of stagnant for a while. Then when I got back home it was time to leave again to go… BACK to Clarion. Why? Because although there are hundreds of really good restaurants right here in Butler County, Ryan’s mom and dad HAD to go to the Red River Roadhouse for Ryan’s dad’s birthday dinner. I so did NOT want to get back in the car for another hour long trip. I got a little car sick on the way up to Cook Forest during the first trip. Now I had a headache and was cranky to find everyone sitting in my living room waiting for me to get home so we could all leave again. But I went without much complaint, mainly because I was getting a free dinner, and what pregnant woman can resist that? I also got some Stargazer lilies and some leaf lettuce seed packets and various geraniums from Ryan’s mom out of it.

Sunday was probably the best day of the weekend. When I woke up, I walked out on to my porch and found that the air was thick and very, very warm… I woke up to SUMMER! I love summer. LOVE it. Sure, it’s sweaty and hot and humid and makes my hair really super straight and limp, but there’s just something about summer that is indescribable. After getting ready and running some errands, it was time to head to Sharon to meet Julie! Starr and another of my friends, Michelle, met me at my house and we were off on a mini road-trip. I found out yesterday that the air conditioning in my car no longer works, so it was windows down, sunroof open, cruising down the interstate. Meeting Julie deserves a post of its own, and requires pictures, so that will be tomorrow. I will say that she and her friend Kim were really cool and super funny, and I think we spent the entire time laughing about something, which equates to BUCKETS of fun in my book. The “BUCKETS” reference has an underlying meaning, and you’ll get that on tomorrow’s post.

Starr and Michelle and I stopped at Moraine State Park on the way home and found ourselves dodging goose poop and nasty, dirty people and their kids. It was a good day to people watch. We went to the “beach” on the North Shore and decided that it was definitely the ghetto beach. I got some goose pictures there that I’ll put up this week too. We decided that we’re going to rent a pontoon boat out there one of these weekends, so that will be something to look forward to.

Another thing to look forward to this week is my ultrasound on Thursday. With any luck we’ll see what Fuzzball has been cooking downstairs. And then we’ll have a proper name, which will be nice. And Stevie Nicks on Saturday!

Ok, I’m going to TRY to work now. I’ll more than likely fail miserably, but I’ll try.

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