Monday, July 31, 2006

Misery loves company

Which is why I'm glad I had a weekend full of house guests. And I'm glad I have a house to have guests in. But do you know what I hate?

Guess. Just guess. C'mon, deep down, you know it.

My job.

Seriously. Looking back, I was happier at Target. I was. Really.

Ok, I'm starting to think that nothing that I do for money will ever make me happy. But for real, my job SUCKS SWEATY MONKEY BALLS. I used to have an office there. Now I sit in a big room with everyone else. In cubicles? No, we don't even have the courtesy of cubicles. It's all out in the open. It's like I work in a call center.

I used to have an office. Have I mentioned that?

Sigh. The job hunt is back on, full force. Not that it ever really stopped.

I'm so exhausted. I've even been working overtime. In E-Lo land, there IS no overtime. Overtime is a myth. Only Ryan works overtime.

My kid has four teeth now. FOUR. Could be part of why I'm tired.

Must go collapse...

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