Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Being a mom means letting go of being a germaphobe and instead focusing on, "is that dog bone a choking hazard?"

Now that Lyric can move herself from room to room without the aide of another poor human being whose back is breaking under the weight of my little bruiser girl, it's common for her to get a lot more dirty. When I say a lot, I mean a LOT. Especially since it's summer and on top of being a little mobile dust mop, she's sweaty and sticky. She slides herself across the floor on her belly and by noon her once white shirt is now a shade of gray. Or brown, depending where she was sliding. Yesterday she got these mysterious brown spots on the front of her, and I have no idea what they were, only that my dad and I tried washing them out, but they didn't completely come out, then my mom treated it and tried, but there were still a faint trace of them. Finally we just gave in to the fact that there was some sort of impenetrable stain on it, put the shirt back on the baby, and she proceeded to soak the collar of the shirt with apple juice.

Mobility also means you must have a spotless house. And in my house, that's nearly impossible, because number one, this is not my house, it's my MIL's, and she has had the same carpet in the kitchen for the last 30 years, number 2, I have a husband who plays in asphalt all day every day, so it's common to find little black rocks here and there. I can never have a nice carpet as long as he's around. Anyway, my child will find the teeniest pieces of dirt and play with them. If they're big enough, she'll put them in her mouth. The other day I found her chewing on a twig. Before that, it was a gum wrapper. Before that, it was a fuzz from the carpet. Last week at my mom's house I found her with Peanut's dentabone in her mouth.

She has great breath.

Last night she pulled herself up for the first time with both Ryan and I there to witness it. Ryan was lying on the bed and I was fussing around the bedroom getting ready for sleep, when suddenly this little head popped up from inside the co-sleeper. Before we knew it, she was standing there, perched precariously over the side, and Ryan's hand shot out to steady her before she either toppled over on to the floor or landed on her butt in the co-sleeper.

The co-sleeper is now obsolete.

Not to mention the fact that now I'm sick, thanks to the snot queen's love of smearing her snot all over me.



As for the update on the job sitch, they took it quite well that I'm not going to work there. I think my friend was more pissed than they were, so she was kind of giving me a vibe that they weren't going to be cool with it, but they totally were. Now that I have that off my plate, my stress level has gone down considerably. I'm still waiting to hear when I'm going to start full time at my old job, but I'm in no hurry since I still have a month of unemployment left.

FFF, I promise I'll do the meme tomorrow! It requires a lot of thought, and my brain is on autopilot lately... now it's on cold meds.

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