Friday, July 21, 2006

Home is where the arguments begin

Oh… right. I have a blog here.

Sorry. I’m out when it comes to high speed internet at the moment. I get the shakes until I either get to my mom’s house and can check my email, or until I get to work and can illegally look at websites.

So. We’re all moved in. I’m happy, yeah, but overwhelmed at the same time. There’s just so much stuff! Yesterday I must have walked around in circles for two hours while I tried to figure out what to do first. I knew I had precious little time, because I had put Lyric down for a nap, in her crib! and time was fleeting. So I went downstairs and looked at my potential office, which was stacked with boxes. Hmm. I looked in the guest room, which looks more like a junk room. Hmm. I decided to paint my toenails. Ok. Now I really needed to get something done. Back to the office. I attempted to move our falling apart bookshelf, then decided it would be better suited for the trash. But then where will I put my books? That’s more boxes that I can’t unpack! Crap. So I decided I better wash my face. Back to the guest room. First I had to clear a path to get in there. Once I did that my tummy started growling. I needed to eat. Into the kitchen, the one room that is completely organized, to make lunch. Just as I was sitting down to eat, I heard Lyric waking up.

I didn’t get anything done. I suck.

We stayed for the first time on Tuesday, and let me tell you, when the three of us piled in our queen sized bed to go to sleep, Lyric was entirely too wound up. She was excited and kept looking around. Then she realized Ryan was there with us, which is unusual. Naturally she wanted to play, and we wanted to sleep. It took forever, but I finally got her to settle down and go to sleep. Since then every night has gotten a little easier. Soon I hope she’ll be sleeping all night in her crib, but that’s still a strange place to her.

Oh, and the arguments. If Ryan and I make it through redecorating our house without either killing each other or getting a divorce, it will be a miracle. We both have vastly different ideas of what we want. I’m not happy with how certain things in the house are, mainly the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room. Every single room in the house needs painted. The bathroom is my main area of contention. It’s gross and I hate it. We’re going to completely tear it apart, which will be interesting, since it’s the only working bathroom in the house. There’s one downstairs, but it’s non-working. The kitchen floor is another sore spot for us. It has this disgusting carpeting on it. I scrubbed it, but to no avail. I want to tear it out, like NOW. I’m not allowed. You know what’s under it? More carpeting. But it’s a vast improvement to the shitty, cheap, torn up, stained carpet on top. Ryan disagrees. So until we can get money to put laminate flooring down, I have to live with it. He actually said to me yesterday, “I’ll never understand your vanity.” Vanity schmanity. If I wanted to live in a shithole, I would have stayed at his mom’s house. Besides, I gave him the entire basement to do whatever he wants to! A bar, a practice area, and the only thing I get to do down there is laundry. Shyeah.

So next week it’s back to work, full time at my old job, suck, but that means getting cash to do improvements. And the weekend warrior portion of my life begins again.

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