Saturday, July 08, 2006

Overheard at the hospital

Doctor: He'll probably go home in four to five days.

My mom: Oh, that's great!

Doctor: Soon this will be just a distant memory.

My mom: Yeah, he doesn't even remember the accident!

Doctor: Well, what I mean is, uh, you know, this is something he'll get over and he'll have lived through, you know. It didn't affect his memory.

My mom: OH. Ok, yeah. Yeah, definitely.

My mom's a dork.

Brother dear is doing good. Moved out of ICU last night, on to a regular room. Last night I was talking to a very nice woman in the waiting room, whose husband was having surgery on his heart, and I told her all the things that were broken on my brother. I said, "he's very lucky to be alive." And the woman said, "no, not lucky... he's very blessed."

She's right.

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