Thursday, July 13, 2006

Meme Time!!!

Meme Time!!!

FFF tagged me, so I must deliver. Besides, I love talking about myself.

20 Things I HATE. Or strongly dislike. Most mostly hate.

1. Drunk kids that run into people I love and mess them up physically. My brother is home now, but he has a long time until he’s healed completely. He can’t put any weight on his right side, and he can’t use crutches because his collarbone is broken.

2. The spam that I get every. single. day. that says "you've won the Zambia National Lottery! Please claim your prize!" Piss off.

3. When people call me when I’m watching my shows. This isn’t really problem right now, but when someone calls when I’m watching American Idol or Lost, I refuse to even answer the phone.

4. There’s this guy who still lives here in Butler who once spread a rumor that I was a slut, and that I used to come to his house and get all drunk and high and have sex with random people. The funny thing about that is, that I did indeed go to his house a few times with my boyfriend and smoke pot, and probably ended up making out with my boyfriend, but there were no other people involved. So he told this girl that I was a slut, and once when Ryan and I first got engaged we ran into this girl, who Ryan was friends with. She asked Ryan what was new with him, and he told her we were engaged, and she said, “to HER? Oh my GAWD, Ryan, what are you thinking, she’s such a slut!” Ryan politely told her to go fuck herself… so I hate that kid, AND…

5. I hate her. Because I’d never even met her, I had no idea who she was, and here she already had this preconceived notion that I was a bad person because of things that someone had lied about.

6. I hate the fact that I can hold a grudge for so long. I think it’s hereditary.

7. Zombie movies. And Ryan loves them.

8. Getting so drunk I throw up. I haven’t done that in a while. See, I tend to avoid things that I hate.

9. The feeling that I want to have a cigarette now when I’m drinking and around people who smoke. And that I’ve given in to that feeling a few times.

10. Oooh, I really really hate it when you give your camera to someone and ask them to take a picture of say, you and your family. So they take your camera and step back so far that when they take your picture, they’re like 20 feet away from you. So then you have a picture of you and your feet and the floor and the ceiling and the whole wall, along with various other strangers on the sidelines. I like close ups! CLOSE UPS!

11. I hate the fact that in our country, conservatives are so obsessed with what “family” is, that they only can accept marriage can be between a man and a woman. It’s all “family values” this and that, and if you ask me, family has gone to shit. People have to work ungodly hours and don’t get to spend enough time with their kids. Kids don’t have the guidance they need so they grow up and become assholes and expect everything to be given to them. Not to mention that I find it disturbing that in America, there are people without homes, food, or medical attention. It’s bullshit.

12. I hate people who abuse children and animals. People like that don’t deserve to breathe my air.

13. I hate my MIL’s house. In case you didn’t already know that. I’m glad that I’m almost done living here.

14. I hate that in the past 2 weeks I’ve gotten offers for jobs that pay nothing.

15. I hate that my baby has a snotty nose. Not because of the slime trails on my t-shirts, but because I feel like it’s my fault.

16. Shakira’s voice. Who the hell gave her a record contract? She sounds like Kermit the Frog on steroids.

17. When people tell me that kids are great until they start talking. Seriously, we actually ran into a guy at Eat n Park on the Fourth who told us “yeah, I liked them… then they started talking.” What an asshole.

18. Pat Robertson and the like. No need to explain.

19. I hate dealing with real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and people like that. I never want to do it again. They’re in the business of toying with emotions, and it’s ridiculous that they can make you do the things they do.

20. Spiders.

20 Things I Love will be next time. After some much needed updates.

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