Monday, July 17, 2006

Meme Continued

20 Things I Looooove

1. My new house. I don’t officially live there yet, but it’s cool to know that I’m a homeowner. The possibilities are endless!

2. My friends, who moved me in. I didn’t have to lift a finger. A Lyric, yes, but not a finger.

3. My van. Last summer when we were car shopping, I told Ryan to shoot me if I ever bought a minivan. He somehow worked his magical brainwashing powers on me, and now I own one. Let me tell you. Best. Car. EVER. So practical!

4. Dogs. I love dogs. I can’t wait to get one, because now I own a house!

5. The fact that the place where I used to live that someone tried to screw me over for is now nothing but a hole in the ground with a cement slab beside it. Long story.

6. My family. Duh! I know that goes without saying, but family has been super important to me lately. More important than where I live. Thankfully I had Ryan to worry about that. I’ve spent every day over at my mom’s house, with my brother and my parents and my baby and my sister and nieces and nephews, and this has probably been one of the best weeks all summer.

7. Beer.

8. The Sounds. I love that band! I just bought their latest CD and I’m wondering why I didn’t get it sooner. What’s wrong with me? This is my kind of music. It reminds me of something I can’t quite put my finger on. But it’s so good.

9. Ice cream. We have a long, turbulent history, but I have to say, I love it. And so does the jelly roll across my tummy.

10. My houseplants. Betcha didn’t know I have quite the green thumb. I have more plants than any normal person should. In fact, the more the better. It’s like an obsession at this point.

11. The fact that I got carded on Saturday, not only when I bought my husband a 12 pack of beer (which he drank without me), but also when I bought him a pack of cigarettes (which he thankfully smoked without me). So not only do I look like I could be under 21, I look like I could be under 18! A 29 year old mother! Ha! That made my day.

12. No more milkglass. Ever. Well, until I visit the in-laws.

13. Getting a massage, or my hair cut, or a pedicure. Doing something for me.

14. Pilates. It helped me lose a lot of baby weight. And I have killer abs… underneath the jelly roll.

15. Taking pictures. It used to be of interesting subject matter, like this:

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or this

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and this

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but now it’s more this:

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But that’s pretty cute.

16. Going to eat Chinese food. It’s rare that I get to, because Ryan doesn’t like it, so me and my mom go together once in a blue moon. I’ve been dying for it for like 3 weeks now, and we’re going with my sister who is in town visiting on Wednesday. I can’t wait.

17. Blogging. Obviously! I’m amazed that anyone even reads my blog! That’s the coolest thing about blogging, I think. I often wonder if I’d still do it if I knew that nobody read it. Maybe.

18. Being alone in the car and turning the music up loud so I can sing and car dance.

19. Discovering myself as a mom more and more every day.

20. Being happy. With myself, with my life, with where I’m at, in spite of all the challenges I’ve faced lately. In fact, I welcome the challenges. They make me a stronger person.

I’m tagging Vince, Julie, and Inanna. Nyah nyah!!! 20 things you hate, 20 things you love.

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