Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Let the whole world know that today is the day of reckoning...

Happy Birthday America.

Unfortunately, I missed posting on Ryan's birthday this year, which was on Saturday. He's THIRTY. Start the old man jokes now.

Stress has obviously been a big part of my life lately, and with my brother still in intensive care (but breathing on his own now, thank goodness), my closing on my house Friday (have I mentioned that? Yeah, our inspections have all been good, and although we don't know what time yet, we're closing in less than 4 days!), the fact that I'm quitting my old job and going to a new one starting next week... and with my parents at the hospital all day every day and my father in law switching to daylight this week, I have nobody to watch my kid.

Shit. You know what that means. Daycare.

So tomorrow it's my job to find a reputable daycare to put my baby in. I'm worried for one reason, the fact that she won't take a bottle anymore. How will 9 hours away from me and my boobs effect her?

Lately I've been thinking about extending the breastfeeding beyond the one year mark. I think the benefits for brain development are great, and I also think the bond between us is great. The only thing I worry about is her attachment to me. She's already a total mama's girl. I have to bathe her, feed her, put her to sleep, etc. Ryan tries to do these things sometimes and it usually goes haywire for him (either that or he's purposely sabotaging these activities so he doesn't have to do them). Needless to say, I'd like my child to be a bit more independent.

And isn't that the theme of the day?

Oh, I've got to give a big THANK YOU to Starr and Greg, who came over to our house yesterday in the sweltering heat and helped us clean. Then on top of that, they invited us over to drink beer. Thank you guys. You are awesome, awesome awesome.

Now go watch fireworks and celebrate your freedom. But don't blow off any limbs.

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