Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tune in Tokyo

I was going to write about how happy I was with the results of American Idol this morning, then I thought to myself, nobody cares! Only me, Ms. Geek USA is the one who cares about AI in this corner of the blogoverse.

But in case you do care, I only have this to say: SOUL PATROL!

Well, I also have this to say: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MEATLOAF? Was I the only one who heard that horrifying noise emanating from his throat that sounded like cats fucking? I was all excited, because, you know, it’s Meatloaf, and besides, do I have to share my aforementioned title with you yet again? See paragraph one! I love Meatloaf, but the poor man sounded like he swallowed a tone deaf midget.

Sad. But Prince! Prince rocked it!

So anyway, now that THAT’S out of my system (wait… SOUL PATROL!!!! NOW it is), I’ll tell you about how my daughter is a nipple tweaker.

As most of you know, we’ve been nursing. For exactly 6 months and 3 days now. Lately Lyric has taken more notice of my breasts, mainly the nippular area. And she’s pinchy! And grabby! Sometimes she’ll reach out and just grab that whole area and squeeze with her strong little fingers and sharp little fingernails!

Last night I swear I was nursing her and while she was eating from one side she reached out and pinched the nipple on the other side. The girl has a boob fascination.

Funny enough, even though it’s slightly painful from time to time, it doesn’t really bother me. In fact, I can tune it out at this point, almost like listening to tone deaf Meatloaf.

I would have never guessed that 6 months ago the prospect of my daughter giving me titty twisters would not have bothered me.

How times have changed. Ah.

I’m already starting to have to listen to my family talk to me about weaning. The pressure is on, and I’m not gonna cave. As much as I would love to have my body all back to myself, this girl is going to get breastmilk for a year, even if it kills me. It’s my own personal goal, and I’m sticking with it! So shut up Dad! They’re my boobs! And plus, why would I give up this rack?

Another thing I never thought I’d say to my Dad.

Did I mention my birthday is in TWO DAYS? I’ll be 29, which is almost 30. I’m not dreading 30, like some people do. To me, it sounds (and looks) like a nice round number. But I’m not pushing it.

SOUL PATROL! Whoops, sorry, it slipped.

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