Monday, May 08, 2006

The girl that couldn't get a break

That's me. Looks like the dream of buying a house has been postponed to the day that I get a full time job again. After playing around with our broker all last week, who one day would tell us "it's looking good!" and then the next day "it's not looking good" and making us jump through hoop after hoop after hoop, we ended up on the "we can't do it" note. So we found the perfect house after looking for months and now we can't get it.

I'm pretty bummed.

Anyway, last night I applied for probably 10 jobs on They're all in Pittsburgh, and I've been trying to avoid jobs in Pittsburgh because that drive sucks. And gas is expensive. I feel like I'm repeatedly shooting myself in the foot. It's frustrating. And it makes me want to eat cookies all day.

On a happy note, the benefit for Ryan's mom was extremely successful. They managed to raise close to $13,000. And it was a good time, once I got my kid to take a nap and could drink some beer. A lot of our friends came out, which was very much appreciated. It's so nice to have wonderful friends.

So even if I spend the rest of my life jobless and homeless, I've got good friends.

Everyone else can stick it up their ass.

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