Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday blah blah

I've been up since 3:30, when Ryan woke out of his asphalt and sun induced hibernation on the couch and started stumbling all over the house with the grace of a hippopotamus in heat. I literally thought he was going to crash through the floor into the basement the way he was walking around. Like he had concrete blocks strapped to his feet. To add insult to my already grouchy and awake injury, he stomped into the bedroom and started asking me questions. THEN he decided it would be nice to climb into bed with me.

Here's the thing. I recognize that MOST married couples share a bed. That's normal. What's probably NOT normal is me. Since Lyric has been around and I've been sharing a bed with her, sleeping next to my husband is just plain impossible. It's not just that we physically all can't fit into his parents full sized 20 year old bed together (the one that you can feel the springs digging into your ribs and OH MY GOD, who would put BUTTONS on a mattress?), but it's that Ryan is big. And cumbersome. And if I didn't mention it before, LOUD.

This morning I was already sweaty thanks to the alternative down comforter I had pulled over me. Lyric had been snoozing peacefully in the co-sleeper. When Ryan crawled into bed, I initially thought, like I always think, ok, maybe this won't be so bad. Then, like usual, the snoring started.

The snoring used to not bother me so much. But now I have a baby who is dependent on a semi-quiet environment to sleep in. Semi-quiet meaning a rock concert could be going on next door. But anyone who has ever heard Ryan sleeping knows that his snores are equivalent to sonic booms, so I wasn't surprised when Lyric woke up. I pulled her over into bed with me, adding to my discomfort. I tried to fall back asleep, but there was no way, not with Mr. Hippo in Heat in one ear and Ms. Boob Junkie strapped to my chest.

So Lyric and I moved to the couch, where I resigned myself to watching the "Superstars of Country" Time Life collection infomercial with Kenny Rogers. I actually considered buying it for my parents, then I got online and found out I'd have to take out a small loan in order to do so.

So this has been my morning so far. And it's only 10 after 6.

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but tomorrow friends of Ryan's family are having a benefit for his mom. She, as you probably already know, is very ill. I was watching the video last night of the day Lyric was born and I couldn't believe the difference in the way his mom looks since she started dialysis. It's amazing how that can wreck your body. Anyway, her friends decided they needed to do something to help her out financially, since her medical costs are insane, and they have other bills on top of that (part of the reason that Ryan and I moved in here was to pay their utilities while they weren't living here), plus they need a new car. I hope that tomorrow they raise enough money for them to get a new car. That would be awesome.

Speaking of awesome, you know what would also be just that? If I could get a mortgage. So send me good mortgage vibes today. We're having some trouble since I'm laid off and Ryan is a seasonal worker because our lender doesn't recognize unemployment income as actual income. So it looks like we make nada. And that might be true, but hey! We still need a house! It's either that or live at my in-laws forever! And that's not gonna happen cause they're moving back in soon.

Speaking of nightmares, my mom somehow (read: my brother was on porn sites) got a terrible strain of spyware on her computer that I cannot get rid of. I spent probably 4 hours yesterday running spy bot, ad aware, AVG, and some other virus program that I'm having a brain fart on. If you have any ideas, please let me know. Email me: When my mom told me about this the other day she said, "All I see when I look at my computer are tits and twats!" The quote of the year.

Last Saturday was Lyric's first trip to camp. She loved it, like I knew she would. Here are some pictures:

And this isn't a camp picture, but it's pretty cute anyway.

Huh? What? Suh! Lots of people eat their socks, you didn't know? Der!

Have a good weekend!

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