Friday, May 19, 2006

My Sleepless Night, by E-Lo

11:00. Attempt to go to sleep. It’s later than I’d usually go to bed, but I’m wide awake. Lyric is thrashing around beside me, also wired. She finally nurses herself to sleep.

11:30. Move Lyric to the co-sleeper and go to the bathroom. Still wide awake. Why did I have that cup of coffee at 8:00?

12:00. Dogs in the neighborhood are barking like crazy. Ryan comes in and asks me if I heard something. Dogs at the neighbors house begin growling and howling. I say “the dogs are going crazy. Probably raccoons.”

12:30. Lyric wakes up and realizes that she’s no longer in bed with mommy. Sigh. Pick her back up and bring her back into bed.

1:00. Dogs finally stop barking. Get up and go to the bathroom.

1:30. Finally drift off to sleep.

3:15. Wake up to a distinct “drip, drip, drip” sound. Same noise that woke me up that morning. The ceiling is leaking from all the rain. Damn flat roof.

3:30. Get up and go to the bathroom. This is what I get for sucking down so much water before bed. But I was SO THIRSTY.

5:00. Alarm goes off. SNOOZE!

5:10: Alarm. SNOOZE!

5:20: Alarm. SNOOZE!

5:30. Sigh. Turn off alarm. Get up. Put Lyric in co-sleeper. MAKE COFFEE.

The End. Yawn.

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