Friday, May 26, 2006

Rude Boys, Rude Girls

Jamaican ska great Desmond Dekker dies - Yahoo! News

Sad news. Not that probably anyone really knows who Desmond Dekker is. But a younger E-Lo was once very into ska music, and I still own 2 of his CDs. He was the original rude boy.

He was a very young 64, and still touring. His tour dates are listed on his website.

Man. The risk of being into older music, like I am, is that the artists tend to die on you, then you have to drink a beer for them and lament that you've never seen them live and never will. I cried the day Joe Strummer died, because the Clash is my favorite band ever. You might even recall I was going to name my child, had she been a boy, "Strummer."

Anyway, here's to Desmond Dekker. Another booking for my afterlife party, I suppose. Next time you listen to Bob Marley, thank Desmond Dekker for paving the way for him.


Ryan just called me, he's already on his way home, so we'll be leaving for camp very soon, and that makes me HAPPY! Everyone get drunk for me on my birthday, since I have to limit my consumption. And have a good weekend, full of family, friends, food, fun and other "f" words.

And good music.

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