Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hot Damn

Holy shit, has it been hot here. And one of the many downfalls of living at my in-laws is that there is no A/C. And babies tend to get cranky when they're hot.

The weekend was good. I didn't really want to come home, but unlike me, my husband actually has a job that requires him to be there. My birthday was fairly uneventful, not that I expected it to be eventful. It was just another day that came and went without much pomp and circumstance. Fairly boring, actually. In fact, most of my camp weekend was dedicated to getting my nosy little child to sleep. She's always afraid she's going to miss something. Takes after her mom.

Things are starting to kind of shape up around these parts, and I hope that the trend continues. Now if I could just get myself a job, things would be great. Not that I actually want a job, but it would be nice to buy things like, oh, groceries? I mean, gosh, I've lost 20 pounds since I lost my job! I must be starving.

No, it's not really that bad, but money is tight at the moment, and the way things are right now, we don't really have much to spare, and I have to get gas, diapers, and toilet paper today.

Have I mentioned that I need a job?

Speaking of gas, and speaking of job, I have to go to "work" this morning. Work entails me driving 25+ miles (I have to backtrack to my mom's to drop Lyric off), sit for 3 hours, then drive back. Three times a week. It's pretty much not even worth the price of gas to go. Damn unemployment which requires me to go to work if needed.

I'm already sweating and it's only 7AM. When I sweat, it's not a dainty girl kind of sweat. I don't get cute little sweat bubbles on the bridge of my nose. Sweat pours from every part of my body, especially my forehead. It's disgusting and I've spent the past 3 days in sweaty hell.

For some reason I'm in a bad mood this morning and I shouldn't be. It's because of the work thing. I know it. Gah!

I'd rather change my daughter's poopy diapers all day.

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