Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bloggin' Mamas

In this months issue of Babytalk, there's an article entitled "Bloggin' Mamas."

I never set out to be a bloggin' mama, or even a mama for that matter. It all just sort of happened. But being a mama is the best part of my life, so it's hard not to blog about it.

Remember how I told you Lyric got her first tooth? Well, that night, she cut her second.

Is me writing about that contributing to me being a bloggin' mama? I guess so.

Remember how I said that our sleep schedule was off kilter? Last night we slept for 3 hours until Lyric woke up at 2, and then it only took me two hours instead of the usual three or four to get her back to sleep. And she only woke up because she had to poop.

Bloggin' Mama, indeed.

Anyway, this article kind of made me laugh, because it involved instructions on how to set up your own blog, you know, to join the "cool" crowd. But it also interested me and made me think about why I blog. It used to be because I needed a place to vent about working in retail. I mean, I had some zingers back in the days when I worked at Target, like here, and here. You know, vintage E-Lo. Now it's all poopy diapers and boobs. I know what I like better, but do you?

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