Friday, March 17, 2006

The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth

Just to clarify: When I said "Talk of when number 2 is happening has already begun," I didn't mean like TODAY. I'm talking YEARS here, people. I've always wanted two kids, and now that I have one, I'd like to actually plan the next one. Besides that, my body is a work in progress.

I've been stuck at... roughly 185 pounds. Before I got pregnant, I was hovering between 145 and 150. So I recently decided I need a jumpstart on getting my ass back in shape.

I joined Weight Watchers. I've been a member for one week, and I lost 2.4 pounds. Progress! I'm actually not supposed to lose too much at once while nursing, because it will decrease my milk supply.

And let me tell you, before I go on, I've heard all these wonderful stories of all these women who got really skinny because they were nursing. I'm here to tell you, BULLSHIT. It doesn't work for everyone. I'm living proof. In fact, I think nursing has kept the weight on me.

I'm also doing Winsor Pilates pretty religiously, now that I have time. It's unbelievably easy, so much so that I can't believe that I'm exercising. But I've already noticed a change in my body.

Very soon I hope to post my before and after pictures. Motivation! I need it.

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