Friday, March 31, 2006

Wanna see something GROSS?

Do you?

Are you sure?

I mean, really sure?

My mother in law's leg, ladies and gentlemen:

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Image hosting by Photobucket

Today she is finally getting this monstrosity off her ankle. Yes, those are actual rods going through her flesh and out the other side. She can't have a real cast because she's diabetic AND has kidney failure... all kinds of complications, etc. She got this on right after Lyric was born. She broke her ankle from walking too much when my father in law was in the hospital getting his gall bladder out, and when I was giving birth. She had previously broken her foot and was wearing an air cast. Of course, she still won't be able to walk, since she's been sitting in a bed for the past four months.

Pretty fucking gross.

Ok, I can't leave you like that, so CUTENESS!

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Lyric got to enjoy her first real significant outside adventure yesterday as we walked around the yard for about a half hour.

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She slept great last night. We'll be doing that again today.

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