Monday, January 31, 2005

Two Weeks Notice

I put my two weeks in on Friday. It was a nice feeling. Even though my team relations exec looked at me like she was going to cry. And everyone keeps telling me how much they’re going to miss me, so that’s nice to know. In some ways it’s hard to leave a job after you’ve been there for so long. I’m the kind of person who is extremely nervous about starting new jobs. I hate feeling like the "new girl." And I’ve grown to really like most of the people I work with, even though I’ve caught some of them backstabbing me on occasion. I’d say I’ll remain friends with at least a handful of the people at Target. And now that I’ll be making a considerable amount more, I can shop there too.

I definitely will not miss working with the public. Here’s a great example why:

Friday night, I’m closing. I’m standing at the electronics counter, in plain view. Target has those little buttons you push for "guest service." A lady walks up and pushed the button. Hello, I’m standing right here! So, already annoyed, I smile sweetly and say, "can I help you?"
Bitchy lady: Yeah, do you have a pen I can borrow for the photo center? I’m dropping off some film and there’s nothing to write with.
Me: Sure, let me look.
Normally I stock our drawers with pens once a week. They disappear every other day. I’m not sure exactly what happens to the 20 or so pens I put there every week, but it always somehow ends up that I only have pencils. So after rifling through the drawers for about 30 seconds, I say:
Hmm, well, I have a pencil.
She just stares at me for a second like she wants to rip my arm off.
Bitchy lady: Ttsh. No thanks.
She starts shaking her head and digging through her purse. I, of course, was amazed at her rudeness. What does she want me to do, pull a pen out of my ass? I had no idea that a pencil was such an undesirable writing utensil, but guess what? At least you can write with it. At least I tried to help! Don’t be such a beeyotch!
So she starts walking away towards the photo center, mumbling and still digging in her purse. I spy my pen from earlier that I used to make the break schedules in my cart. Ah ha! I’m not going to let her get away with this! I’m going to make her feel like a bitch by being super nice! So I grab the pen and run over to her.
Me: Here! I found a pen!
Pen Nazi: (sheepishly) Oh… do you want it back?
Me: No, no. You can just leave it over there so other people don’t have the same trouble. I’m so sorry. (Big smile)
Pen Nazi: Thanks…
Me: (in my head) BITCH!!!!!!

I won’t miss that.

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