Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Snap, Crackle, Pop

I just got back from getting my spine adjusted. It was fun. I’d equate it to having really good sex, first there’s that popping release, then a little dizziness, then a bit of soreness (in a good way), but then that sense of immense relief. If I could have moaned without feeling stupid I would have. And I get to do it again on Thursday.

Seeing pictures of my spine was insane. I’ve never had anyone explain an x-ray to me, but my wonderful (and cute) doctor did an excellent job of showing me just what’s wrong with me. It seems that I have a degenerating disk in my lower back, which has caused three other sections of my spine to compensate to try to fix it. My spine is actually starting to curve since it’s been messed up for so long. My neck, instead of having a natural curve in it, is poker straight, much like my hair. So it was nice to start getting it fixed. And I found out that the problems with my lower back could be what’s messing up my knee too. So hopefully I’ll start seeing some differences soon.

Whew. I’m still a little lightheaded.

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