Monday, January 10, 2005


I need to read more. I’ve been reading the same Lord of the Rings book for the past two months. It’s only the middle book, too. It’s taking me forever to get through it, mainly because I’ve only read 3 pages of it in the past 3 weeks. I don’t get it. When I was little, it took a miracle to pry my nose out of a book. I read literally all the time. No, seriously, every waking moment. I actually got in trouble at school. For READING. I’d hide my books under my desk and read during class. At night I’d sit by my nightlight and read. And I wasn’t just reading kiddie books, either. I think I read Gone With the Wind in 6th grade. I hated that bitch Scarlet O’Hara.

I’ve also discovered that I have a serious need for alone time. I grew so accustomed to being by myself when my husband was working that now I crave solitary moments. I like spending time with him and my friends, but my alone time is becoming increasingly important. He probably wonders what I’m up to when I’m constantly asking him if he’s going anywhere and how long he’s going to be. I get things done when I’m alone. And I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done for weeks now.

My resolution this year is to learn two new creative hobbies and hone them. One is knitting, which I sort of used to know how to do but forgot. I can crochet, but I got an awesome knitting book from my friend Starr for Christmas. When I was in school I was constantly crocheting and making jewelry. Now I play video games. I’m really letting my creative self slip. Lack of alone time, maybe? I also need to go on a photo safari. I wish it would snow so I could get some wintery shots.

I also have a job interview this week for a web related job. I’m hoping that this will be the one. If not, oh well. But I’m more than ready to move on. Retail is sucking the life out of me. So send positive thoughts my way on Thursday morning.

I need to go to the doctor. I messed up my knee somehow and it’s been killing me for weeks. It seems to be getting worse now, so I really have to get my ass in gear. There’s nothing worse than having a leg that doesn’t properly work. It makes me feel so old.

I’m not looking forward to another Monday night of work. I woke up with a negative attitude today, if you couldn’t tell. Crappy poo poo. I feel whiny. I think it’s the time of the year that I get all whiny and depressed but don’t do anything about it. I should nip that in the bud before it blossoms into a mutant.

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