Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Oh, the exhaustion

The Penn Theater in downtown Butler.

I slept from the time I got home yesterday until this morning, on and off. I can only doze while I'm on the couch, and I got up long enough to make some dinner and eat. Then I fell asleep again, got up and had a fudgcicle, which was like manna from heaven. Then I hit the bed at 9:30 after 3 hours of couch dozing.

I had a dream that Ryan got arrested, and I woke up during the night thinking, “you asshole… oh, I can’t be mad at you,” and fell back asleep.
I felt great this morning. Maybe my body just needed rest. It was so hot yesterday that I almost passed out while driving, since my air conditioner in my car doesn’t work. That prompted Ryan to give me rights to the climate controlled van today, which I’m still not quite used to driving. It’s hard jumping from my roller skate of a car to a mini (but feels gigantic) van. But it's better than the sweaty sweat box that my car is.

I could still probably sleep for another 12 hours.

*Oh, and if you haven't already, you NEED to check out this site, which Sloth posted yesterday and is cracking my shit up today. I haven't picked my favorite worst person yet, because they're all pretty bad, and I'm dying just reading about them. For me it's neck and neck for Rick Santorum and Toby Keith... one is for moral reasons, the other is just to satisfy my sick need to torture a redneck sometime in my life. I think you can figure it out... Just go. Enjoy.

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