Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Just 5 more minutes...

Yawn… oh, hello. It’s Tuesday, isn’t it?

Holiday weekends are great, but you often feel like you need another one when it’s over. Or at least a day just to sleep.

Ryan says thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I think he thought it was pretty cool that a bunch of people he doesn’t know wanted to wish him a happy birthday. He must be getting old, because he didn’t even finish the gallon of Jack that I bought him AND he was sharing it. So much for drinking for me too.

But although the work week resumes, the weekend is still going strong. I leave right from work tonight to go see John Mellencamp. I’ve heard his show is rockin’ this year, so I’m pretty excited. Then tomorrow we have our 6 month doctor appointment, and hopefully I’ll be able to hook up with ESC at some point later in the week. Oh, and the BIG BUTLER FAIR is this week, so Saturday afternoon I’ll be attending that. I have a lot to look forward to in the next few days, and not a lot of time to relax. But that’s ok… I can relax next week.

I hope everybody had a good long-ish weekend. Yawn. I need a nap.

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