Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tuesday Schmoozday

Listening to:
John Mellencamp. I’m nostalgic for summer right now since we’ve been dealing with subzero temperatures here for the past week.

Annoying Me:
Annoying me today is the use of the word (if you can call it a word) “frack” in the cult show “Battlestar Galactica.” My dear nerdy husband, who can tell you everything and anything about any comic book character, Star Wars, and this show, is a fan, and I’m forced to watch it from time to time while I’m sitting on the couch immobilized with a boppy pillow on my lap and a baby on my boob. In case you haven’t guessed, they use “frack” in lieu of “fuck,” and the overuse of it is extreme. When every other word is “frack” your nerves tend to fray just a little every time you hear it. Once you hit about 20 times hearing “The fracking Cylons are fracking attacking us!” you’re ready to say “SHUT THE FRACK UP YOU FRACKING ANNOYING FRACKS!” They deserve to get eaten by the Cylons or whatever it is that Cylons to do humankind.


My job. It gets suckier every single day. I wish Cylons would eat my boss.

Keeping the Junk in my Trunk:
Birthday cake. Everytime I turn around someone is shoving birthday cake in my maw and I can't say no. No more frackin birthday cake! Trying to lose 30 pounds here!

Yesterday was a year to the day since my daughter was conceived. You all needed to know that. Really it’s kind of a neat date to remember. A year ago today a tiny life was already forming in me and I didn’t even know. Pretty amazing what can happen in a year. Strangely enough, for someone who wasn’t sure she wanted kids, I’ve already had the conversation with Ryan about when we’re going to try for number 2. Ryan wants to wait until Lyric is two, I’m willing to hold out until she’s a bit older. We’ll see.

Happy Birthday:
Lyric will be 3 months tomorrow. Somehow it seems like longer, but I’m alarmed at how much she’s already grown.

Full Circle:
I have a sore throat today. I haven’t been sick since my last week of pregnancy, and before that, it was a year ago, when I went to the doctor and she prescribed me the infamous antibiotics that made me conceive in the first place...

Fracking Cuteness:

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